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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

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Saturday, November 8, 2014

1937 Coopers Sport Trunks Masculinized Undergarments

This ad for JB Sport Trunks by Coopers has me chuckling a little bit. The advertisement is from 1937. Get masculinized!

You don't have to 'watch-out' for yourself in JB Coopers sport trunks, they 'watch out' for you. You can dive, swim, 'ride the board', scale the mast or lie in the sun without worrying about exposure. That's because of the support built right into the trunks. JBs guard you well, eliminate bulges and prevent disarray.

You look as well groomed and poised in a JB sport Trunk as you do in your finest tailored suit. And you actually gain freedom of action. Your comfort, too, is assured by the masculinized Jockey construction.

The JB Sport Trunk provides masculine and abdominal support. Jockey inner garment of Durene, Bellin inner waistband of Lastex. It is a posture garment, smoothing the contours, controlling the waist. The trunk fabric itself does not cling to your body.

You can't know perfect swim comfort until you've tried JB Sport Trunks by Coopers - either the wool trunk $2.95 or the gabardine $2.50. Ideal for swimming, sailing, sunning, tennis, bicycling, gymnasium and track work. Try them today, and really let yourself go!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Vintage Bathing Suit Travel Themed Advertising Illustrations

I was tickled pink the other day when I came across a book with these wonderful travel themed swimwear illustrations.I've decided I'm going back today to rescue this little gem as it was in one of my favorite second hand shops. I am so hopeful it's still there as I'd love to frame some of these for my office.

These quick pics were taken with my camera phone while I was there last so at least I did save something of them. Hopefully the rescue pays off!  Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Claire McCardell and the Sunbonnet


Doing research this morning I came across an image from Claire McCardell, an all time favorite designer of mine,  which I dont recall seeing before. Caption partially reads" pique bathing suit costume with its inseparable sunbonnet." It makes me happy when I see animage and I know exactly who the designer is. Claire has played with the 'sunbonnet' or scarf/headress treatment throughout her career. 

Here's another from her that sports something similar, this one from 1954. I'll take one of each please!


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Katy Keene - Paper Doll Vintage Swimwear Fashion Inspiration

Katy Keene - Comic book heroine who has been compared to Betty Page and ranks in at #57 on the "100 sexiest women in comics." But what intrigues me today are all the fabulous swimwear fashions she has!

Katy launched in 1945 published by Archie Comics.

She certainly has the 'pin-up' style.

Do a google search for images of Katie Keene and you can spend hours deciding what outfit she will wear.

But for me, it's the swimwear! And this is only a sampling of what's available. Oh my, oh my....

Monday, September 29, 2014

1951 Jantzen Swimwear Advertising - Match Mates - Matching Swimsuits

Australian advertisement from Jantzen swimwear 1951, Be Attractive While You're Active. Love that headline. What's 'dramatically different' in 1951? Marina Match-mates, matching swimwear for you and your partner, that's what. NEW from Jantzen.

But wait,

This advertisement from Jantzen touting matching swimwear appeared in 1950, most likely in the US. So either:

A) Matching swimwear style started in the US and then got marketed in Australia, or

B) The rollout launch was a success and they decided to take it worldwide, or

C) The media but was made at different times in different locations, or

D) The seasonality made it more appropriate to launch later.

Who know, but I find these types of details intriguing. Either way, it's safe to say, matching swimwear ensembles began in the very early 1950s.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Lorenz Knitting Mills Vintage Black Wool Swimsuit from 1930

Vintage wool bathing suits from the 1920s and 30s are becoming increasingly difficult to come by as time marches on. The effects of time, sunlight, age, and little critters can make a disaster out of wool in no time. That's why it's such a pleasure when I find early pieces with provenance to help support identification and attributes. Case in point, this wonderful Lorenz Knitting Mills men's bathing suit from 1930. Sorry, I don't own a male mannequin as of yet so this wool swimsuit is being modeled on my female mannequin. But what I want to share with you is the piece, the label and the ad.

The ad for this suit is from 1930. It 'supports and protects' at the same time because of the new built in supporter. I've not been successful in finding out much information about the Lorenz Knitting Mills other than they also produced novelty sweaters for women.

We've just listed this piece on Glamoursurf.