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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mary Quant defines Swinging London

Mary Quant was one of the most influential people in the 1960's fashion industry. She was born in 1934 in Kent, England. The London-based fashion designer is often credited with helping the rise of "Swinging London" and the mod fashion wave. The miniskirt, for which she is most famous, became one of the defining fashions of the 1960's. The miniskirt was developed separately by Andre Courrèges, but there is disagreement as to who came up with the idea first. Quant named the miniskirt after her favorite make of car, the Mini.

Quant pioneered styles that became known; coloured and patterned tights, paint-box make-up, plastic raincoats, knee high boots and in the later sixties, hotpants. Her clothes celebrated the female form through selective exposure and concealment. She is most famous for her fashions of the 1960's.

She opened her own boutique 'Bazaar' on the King's Road in 1955 selling clothes and cosmetics that were bold, progressive, and always bearing her trademark five-petaled daisy. Sex appeal was her main priority. She was a wonderful advertisement for her own designs, her short dark Vidal Sassoon hair style with it's fringe and her easy-fitting young-looking blazer jackets, brief swinging skirts and pinafore dresses. She developed her cosmetics line in 1966 stating that she wanted to bring fashion to the face. By 1961, Quant had opened a second ''Bazaar'' in Knightsbridge and by 1965 she was exporting to the USA. To keep up with demand, Quant went into mass-production, setting up the ''Ginger Group''. Through the 1970s and 1980s she concentrated on household goods and make-up.

Mary Quant
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Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

Great video! Those boots with the zip off tops are great! I love the fact that you could mix and match colors with them.