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Monday, November 24, 2008

Pop Quiz 1960's High Fashion and Low

High Fashion and Low, take this 1960's Fashion Quiz. One, two three four - tell the people what we wore.

1) Who was credited with starting the miniskirt craze?

2) What designer made it big with topless bathing suits?

3) What fun name was given to the totally topless swimsuit for women?

4) What kind of outfit did Allen Ginsberg wear in a popular movie poster?

5) Which movie did most to encourage the gangster look - striped double breasted suits, superwide neckties, brown and white shoes?

6) What did an Elizabeth Taylor movie do for the fashion world in 1962?

7) Who sent millners rushing to produce enough pillbox hats to meet the demand?

8) Name two world leaders who had briefly popular jacket styles named for them?

9) When the Indian look came in among the young, beads were worn around the neck. What were they called?

10) Who designed Luci Johnson's bridal gown? (pictured above)

A. Coco Chanel

B. Mary Quant

C. Priscilla of Boston

D. Rheba of Highland Park

E. Vivian Davis Polk

Good luck, answers provided tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I adore reading your blog, its so entertaining! Love the quizzes - Kristie

Glamoursurf said...

Thank you! I've been enjoying a flashback to the 60's!