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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Swimwear through the ages - the 1940's

Part 4 of our swimwear through the ages can be found here. Today we cover swimsuits in the early 1940's

1940 - Girls could still appear on the beach and be in fashion with a one piece suit. This was the year fro short skating skirts on suits, many dots and flowers. It was also the second year of the war.

1942 - By this time the bra and pants have overtaken the one piece suit in popularity. The bra is shrinking and becoming tighter. In the 1920's wearing such a suit on Long Island would have caused arrest.

1945 - Jantzen suit this year made for mass sale is comparatively conservative. It has a fair-sized bra, skirt covers the pants. By now almost all U.S. beaches have given up trying to regulate the bathing suit.
Tomorrow we will look at swimwear comparisons in 1945 for the east and west coast.

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