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Friday, January 9, 2009

Swimwear through the ages - the early 1930's

Part 2 of our series on swimwear through the ages can be found here. Today we will look at swimwear styles of the early 1930's.

1931- Stores sold 12,000,000 suits in this depression. People had discovered swimming and bathing were cheap recreation. Rage for dressmakers was declining except for older women.

1932 - Backless one piece suits were the new style. Skirts had now been hiked to the top of the thighs but necklines were still quite high and few dared to think of a bare midriff.

1933 - The first really slinky bathing suit was maillot borrowed from the Riviera. Police had to control crowds when it was first displayed in a window in New york. It was skintight all over and cut very low in the back.

1934 - This was an adaptation of the maillot. It consisted of a discreet halter fitting into separate pants. The bust was still not shaped. This conservative halter and pants suit paved the way for bra and pants combination.

We will continue this series on Monday. Have a great weekend!


Couture Carrie said...

That 1934 maillot looks curiously similar to one Michael Kors has for Spring 09!!
Beautiful blog!


Glamoursurf said...

Thank you CC, I agree Michael gets a lot of his inspiration from vintage fashion.