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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Vintage Swimwear in Advertising

Swimwear imagery is used to sell a variety of products and industries. We thought it would be fun to start showcasing some of the vintage ads we have that have used swimsuits as the primary visual contained in the ads.

Holiday magazine 1949 - This image was pretty risque for it's time in 1949. It's an artists rendering though which is most likely why you see the navel exposed. Stars and starlets were prohibited from showing the navel or "indecent or undue exposure" because of the Hays code of 1930. You can learn more about that in an article we have written on our site here. All that aside though, Hertz employs a graphic of a beautiful female in a two piece swimsuit we would love to own!

Holiday Magazine 1965 - A new cruise line sports an image of a bikini clad maiden with her top undone for sunning. The ads boast of the 'largest sundecks on the Atlantic' for it's Gala Resort Fleet - the fleet designed for the Sunny Southern Route. The closer of the ad reads ' But for more of everything that makes life sunny, come aboard Italian Line. Pack a bikini. Or are you just looking?"

LIFE Magazine 1945 - Summer "Epidemic" Threatens! Science finds that 7 out of 10 have Athletes Foot...easy new treatment shows excellent results. Ad is for Mennen Quinsana Athletes Foot Powder. Again, just give me that two piece polka dot two piece with the lace up sides.

LIFE magazine 1945 - OK, this one is actually relevant, for Unguentine. Ever heard of that one? When you take more sun than your skin can bear, get prompt relief with soothing, cooling, Unguentine. Sun creams were in use at this time but the benefits of getting out in the sun for health reasons were more widespread.

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