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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

1950 - For the Beach Wardrobe

We continue our series today with an overview of swimwear styles from 1950 as seen in Vogue. Today's post features a group of summer ideas from 1950 for a beach wardrobe.

The Short Culotte, The Tube Top

The Short Culotte, The Tube Top. Wrapped from side to side to look like a straight bathing suit, a new culotte, shortest ever, with a pair of t-i-n-y bloomers underneath. In shite Wellingtone Sears 'Topsail' sailcloth. To top it: a white tube of knitted cotton. Both by Carolyn Schnurer, about $18, Henri Bendel; Halle Bros; Jays; I. Magnin. Wool beach shawl, $15. Pan American Shop.

The Maillot Top

The Maillot Top, briefest of beach sweaters, in navy blue knitted cotton, about $5. With it, in praise of neatness, concisely cut white Irish linen shorts, about $10. Both, Bonwit Teller, White capeskin belt by Criterion, at Altman. The sweater shorts are also at I. Magnin.

Beach Transparency

Beach Transparency, navy blue nylon tricot tunic over a strapless nude color bathing suit, rayon and nylon, all elasticized, by SeaMolds, $13. at Arnold Constable.

The Dressmaker Suit

The Dressmaker Suit, the ever princess shape, here, strapless, with a rolled bodice. By Reel-Poise in white Lonsdale pique, $15 ; Lord & Taylor. All the towels are by Martex.

Jackie Kennedy used to wear Reel-Poise suits, I discovered that little fact when I was researching for a vintage piece we have over at Glamoursurf. This strapless suit has an elasticized shirred bottom. Just as cute today as it was in the 1940's & 1950's.

Tomorrow we'll look at a few more styles from 1950.

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