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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Black and white All Over the Beach

The Newest Bathing Suits have a Neutral Look and a Modest Cut. The year is 1953. The most noticeable bathing suits this summer are not the brightest of scantiest on the beach. Instead they are completely colorless black and white, and most of them cover the wearers more than any new suits in years. They represent a sharp deviation from the pastel satin, pared down hourglass style that came in last summer. Many have high halter neck lines, and most two piece suits have puffy, instead of skin tight pants. The newest and most modest line of all is a modernized version of the 1908 bathing dress, with push up sleeves that reach almost to the elbow. (see Claire McCardells suit below). The new no color scheme will appeal especially to those proud of their tans, for black and white sets off a well tanned skin better than any color does.

Bathhouse Quintet

Left to Right: zip front, saddle stitched Lastex by Jantzen $13.00, two piece polka dot cotton by Brigance $18.00, embroidered cotton halter with Lastex pants by Brigance $23.00. Hanging on the peg is embroidered Lastex by Sea Nymph $15.00.

Strapless cotton tube with embroidery reversed on top by Carolyn Schnurer $23.00, pique dress over ruffled bottom bloomers by Loomtogs $15.00.

Long sleeved suit sports a plunging neckline which will eventually cause an unorthodox suntan. In jersey $23.00, it's top and hook and eye closing copy dress style by Claire McCardell.

Long torso Poncho with bold inch-broad black and white stripes completely covers wearers bathing suit. It is made of sailcloth with a wide deep cuffed neckline by Kenn Barr of Casino $10.95.

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