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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Claire McCardell Fashion Timeline and Innovations

Claire McCardell timeline and innovations in her career:
1905: Claire McCardell born in Fredrick, Maryland
1925: Graduates from high school at the age of 16
1925-1928: First attends Hood College in Fredrick, transfers to Parsons School of Design, spends last year at Parson’s Paris branch
1927-1930: Embarks on a succession of frustrating jobs
1929: Hired as assistant to designer to Robert Turk
1931: Becomes assistant to designer Robert Turk for Townley Frocks
1932: Turk dies suddenly in sailing accident, Claire finishes his collection and becomes head designer at Towley
1934: McCardell innovates with mix and match separates
1936: Launches her first swimwear line
1938: First designer success with the “Monastic” dress
1939-1940: Townly folds, McCardell spends brief stint working for Hattie Carnegie
1940: Townly reopens, McCardell brings out her first line with them
1942: Designs “Popover” dress and the Diaper Swimsuit
1943: Marries Texas born Architect Irving Drought Harris, Wins fashion’s Coty award
1944: Ballett slipers adapted as shoes
1952: McCardell becomes partner and vice president of Townly
1955: McCardell uses the designs of artists including Chagall, Leger, Picasso, Miro and Dufy to make cotton resort clothes.
1956: Received the Parsons Medal for Distinguished Achievement for her contributions to design 1958: Claire McCardell dies of cancer at the age of 53

And here we present more of her fabulous swimwear designs.

Claire McCardell swimsuit from the 1940s

1946 Claire McCardell Swimsuits

1946 Claire McCardell Swimsuits

1946 Claire McCardell Swimsuits

1946 Claire McCardell Swimsuit

1946 Clarie McCardell Swimsuit

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