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Friday, February 20, 2009

Van Raalte Singlettes circa 1928

I am enamored by this Van Raalte ad from Harpers Bazar 1928. The juxtaposition of dancers and lingerie is just so intriguing. Delicate graceful lines combined with ballerinas clad in nothing but Van Raalte!

Van Raalte started using the Singlettes trademark in 1925 but did not register it until 1930. Singlettes are combination undergarments of knitted silk fabric.

9776 - A lacycloth of glove silk fashions the brassiere and girdle effect; a gossamer "Illusion" pantie gracefully creeps up on each side, partly concealing the girdle. So soft and yet so durable.

9833 - The flexibility of a waist clad in glove silk is essential to feminine grace. Chantilly lace adds daintiness tot he perfectly moulding brassiere of this Singlette.

9857 - for utter grace, the waist and upper hips are held snugly while the natural curves of the bust are skillfully clad in the tailored glove silk brassiere of this Singlette (Trimmed with Brittany lace).

9776 - Magic took a hand in combining fluffiness with strictly tailored lines and giving lasting resistance to a material so dainty as to appear like a soft nothingness. Wearing this Singlette, dancing takes on a new zest.

9859 - Durability and delicate appearance are combined in this Singlette. What greater test of flexibility of motion when wearing this garment that doing a split, what freedom of motion!

Empress Jade has a wonderful blog dedicated to Van Raalte. If you've never worn a piece of Van Raalte, do yourself a favor and try one. I pick them up whenever I find them. The workmanship and craftsmanship of each piece is a dream. We have a few slips by Van Raalte listed now over at Glamoursurf, which reminds me, I really do need to get more of my lingerie stash listed.

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