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Friday, March 13, 2009

Shelly Winters as a Bathing Beauty

Shelly Winters (1920-2006) Born Shirley Shrift in St. Louis, the daughter of a garment cutter-salesman-designer and a mother who had aspirations to be an opera singer, Winters grew up mostly in Brooklyn. While still in high school, she took acting lessons and got interested in show business.

Shelly began her career as a model, vaudeville starlet, entertainer and even performed in an Off Broadway play, but acting was her dream and eventually she studied and became an actress for many movies.

Winters was a "role model" for Marilyn Monroe. When, as young actresses, they shared an apartment in Hollywood, it was she who taught Monroe the sexy, lips-apart look for which Monroe became famous, tilt your chin up, cast your eyes down, (or chin down, eyes up), and part your lips slightly.

Here Glamoursplash shares with you some cheesecake Pin Up shots of Shelly Winters in swimwear. Isn't she the cats meow?

Shelly posing in a satin two-piece swimsuit in the 1940's

Shelly in a diaper style two piece swimsuit from the early 1950's

Shelly with surfboard in the 1950's

Shelly in a one piece bathing suit 1951

1952 Shelly Winters in a two piece diaper style swim suit

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