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Monday, April 13, 2009

Fun with Advertising in 1950

It goes without saying that SEX sells. Recently I pulled out an old Life magazine from 1950 and had to marvel at how many different companies actually used women, men and children in swimwear to sell their products. The following images are from one issue of LIFE. Isn't it interesting how many different types of manufacturers or products are able to use the imagery to reflect positive messages about the actual product? Some are no brainers, like film companies, but others just leave me a bit baffled. This week we'll look at more vintage swimwear in advertising, so stay tuned.

Barbasol Shaving Cream. Oh yeah, you can be sure that position will happen for you guys, but only if you use Barbasol!

Kellogs Corn Soya. A great new protein cereal that helps you have a fine body, remember Corn-Soya as the cereal with "muscles."

Ansco Film - Only Ansco guarantees clear snapshots.

Grapette Soda. The Beach to millions, symbolizes pleasure, leisure, relaxation. Taste the things in Grapette. Grapette deserves to be America's Thirsty or not Drink.

Kodak Film - What a picture! With Romance in the air, it's camera time.

Listerine Antiseptic - One vacation Hint he Didn't Take! How dumb can a guy be? How much fun can he miss?

Nash Airflyte. You get much more pleasure out of Nash- because Nash builds so much more into it! This big Nash Statesman Airflyte has so much 'living' room inside that the seats turn into twin beds in twenty seconds!

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