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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Giveaway Roundup

SquareSpace is giving away iPhone gift cards on twitter. They have only 8 more to give out though, so enter soon.

Cold Climate Gardening is giving away a pair of Ethel Gardening Gloves. They have a review of the gloves along with the post as well, so if you're a gardener like I am, you'll appreciate a pair, especially for FREE! Contest ends July 3rd.

Spots on my Apples is giving away an Aveda Skincare set. Deadline for entries is today 1:59 PM CST.

Swelle Giveaway: Fashion A to Z: An Illustrated Dictionary It covers every detail, accessory, garment and costume you can imagine and gives a brief history of the item so it's a great way to expand your fashion brain. Writer and designer Alex Newman wrote the book and the fun illustrations that brighten each page are by renowned fashion illustrator and designer Zakee Shariff. The contest will run until midnight (London time) Thursday, July 9 and the winner, chosen at random, will be announced on Friday. Anyone, anywhere, can enter!

On the How about Orange Blog you have a chance to Win a Stash Shopping Tote made of Marimekko fabric. Deadline for entries is midnight CDT on Thursday (7/2/09), and a random winner will receive this hip red-orange shopping tote.

So what are you waiting for? Hoping we've helped a little by providing our readers a chance to win something cool. Enjoy!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Are You Ready for Fall?

I am! Well not just because it's hit the triple digits outside lately, although that is a good enough reason for me. Either I'm in the pool, heading to cooler beach climates, or cranking up the A/C. But really, fall is my favorite time of year. The weather is moderate, the leaves are turning all shades of gorgeous colors, the kids are going back to school and it's time to pull out the cashmere once again.

Dolce & Gabbana have put together one smashing ad campaign for the '09 fall and winter season. All shot in the glitz and glam of a casino. Looks like fur is still going to be popular, large shoulders and statement jewelry. But I particularly ♥love♥ the turbans, and yeah did you notice the glove on her headpiece? What a fabulous idea!! We've got a lovely turban hat listed here if your so inclined.

Shoulders ladies! I'm glad to see the architectural use of the shoulder as a focal point. Not just big shoulders but pleats, tucks, and different sewing techniques combine to make the shoulders sexy again. Do you like the pom pom fur treatment above or the coverlet below?

Masterpieces are worked into stunning fabrics, textures abound. And look at that scarf! I've got some mismatched gloves around here that are now going to be fashioned into something wearable as art.

Meow, I don't think leopard prints ever go out of style. And the wide obi style sash belts.

PINK and Black have always been a favorite color combination but PINK fur? It sure looks like monkey fur to me, I wonder if it's real or fake. And again the turban style hats.

Something about this just evokes Old Hollywood Glamour to me. The pose, the fur, the opulence.

So are you ready for fall or do you need to go shopping?

Models: Maria Carla Boscono, Heidi Mount, and Edita Vilkeviciute for Dolce & Gabbana fall/winter 2009.

Friday, June 26, 2009

An Angel in Heaven

Farrah Fawcett has lost her battle with cancer at age 62. She is probably best remembered for her role in Charlies Angels and for this image which sold 12 million copies and was shot by

Photographer Bruce McBroom in the summer of 1976. She became the instant pin up poster girl for every young boy.
Farah in 1965: She was voted most beautiful at WB Ray High School in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Farrah and Ryan O'Neal in the 1970's. Just this month they had finally agreed to marry but the nuptials never took place.

Rest in peace Farrah, god bless!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Joan Marsh as Bathing Beauty

Joan Marsh was daughter of the favorite cinematographer of silent film actress Mary Pickford. His name was Charles Rosher. Joan was born in Porterville, California and was only nine months old when she appeared in the Universal Pictures film 'Hearts Aflame'. After a number of baby roles Joan became a child star in Pickford films like 'Daddy Long Legs' and 'Pollyanna'. Her given name was Nancy Ann Rosher. Early in her career she had used the name Dorothy Rosher for films like Hearts Aflame. Joan continued to do films until the early 40's.

This image is my favorite of Joan, the pose, the art deco sculptures, but mostly that revealing two piece swimsuit.

These images below were studio publicity portraits done in the 1930's.

She possessed the talent of a fine comedian. However, with her figure, few noticed her acting ability. Even off-screen, walking across the studio lot to the cafe', Joan attracted considerable attention. It's easy to see why.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

En Plein Air - Clara Bow

Ladies and gentlemen, regard, observe and otherwise behold - in an informal pose - the vivacious, the audacious Clara Bow. Feast your weary optics upon this super flapper of them all - the hyper-reality and extra-ideality of a million or more film goers. Thus in one person, in one pose, we have the genus American girl, refined, washed, manicured, pedicured, permanent-waved and exalted herewith. We have all watched the little lady prancing and dancing in her own entrancing way upon the silver screen. Do you wonder that for the nonce she is almost the most popular of movie stars. And a writer too, if you please! Yes indeed; for dainty Clara has recently completed the only authentic story of her life, beginning with a statement whose veracity will surprise her most ardent admirers - "My father is the only person I care for, really". What can one add - except that she has red hair.

Ha! The picture above and excerpt were taken from Vanity Fair 1928. I couldn't come up with writing like that if I tried. Sounds like she's a circus side show attraction.

What I did find out though is that Clara did write a book titled 'The Misfortunes of the It Girl', by Clara Bow. The "It" symbolized the tremendous progress women were making in society in the 1920's, and leading the way was Clara Bow, the girl of the year, who had "It" in abundance. In reading her bio here, she had a very adventurous, troubled life with a schizophrenic mother and a sexually abusive father.

Out of the 56 films she made only 16 of them are available on video:
Down to the Sea in Ships (1922)
Capital Punishment (1925)
The Primrose Path (1925)
Free to Love (1925)
The Plastic Age (1925)
My Lady of Whims (1926)
Dancing Mothers (1926)
Mantrap (1926)
Hula (1927)
It! (1927)
Wings (1927)
The Wild Party (1929) - (her first talkie)
Dangerous Curves (1929)
The Saturday Night Kid (1929)
True to the Navy (1930)
No Limit (1931]

Enjoy these small tributes to a most talented actress.

Catalina Hand Print Swimsuits

We recently blogged about our fabulous find of a Catalina Two piece Hand Print swimsuit here which is part of the sweethearts in swimsuits line. Mary Ann DeWeese was the designer at Catalina when these were being produced. While going through our archives I was able to find a few more of these Hand Print ads. First off the California Lobster! Wow, I'd kill for this one! Spending part of my high school years in Massachusetts I definitely have an affinity for lobster.

Then check out these hand blocked Bengaline suits by Catalina. Bengaline is a woven fabric with fine 'ribs' (such as rayon, nylon, cotton, or wool) often in combination. Stretch Bengaline, is the same but with elastene, so a stretch woven fabric. When cut to ribbon widths it is called grosgrain.

That two piece one with the goldfish or tropical fish is just Divine!

And then yes! We found the ad for our Catalina California Poppy swimsuit as seen below. First the ad, then as seen on a model, and finally the one in our shop.

Just under the bust and at the side seams the pieces are sewn together with a fagoting stitch. Fagoting is a form of stitching and fills the space between two finished edges.

We're always on the lookout for these Catalina's, if you happen to have one for sale, send us a link!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Wacky Wonky Monday

Ah ha ha, it's Monday and I needed a bit of cheering up. Lot's on my mind that I need to accomplish this week. Goals, tasks, that never ending to-do list. But we all also need a bit of wackiness, goofball, young at heart stuff that keeps us young and smiling. So here dear readers are some random fun beach images that I hope help to bring a smile to your face. Enjoy!

Friday, June 19, 2009

GlamourScoop - Sherri Snyder

We ♥LOVE♥ hearing from our customers. This is the lovely and talented Sherri Snyder, isn't she adorable? Sherri recently wrote to us and sent along these fabulous pictures. She purchased this Alix of Miami Black lace Swimsuit from Glamoursurf last fall and just got back from a photo shoot in Oahu where she modeled it. These pictures were taken on Kailua Beach by photographer Dave Montizambert.

Sherri is an actress, writer, and model (with a distinct passion for Old Hollywood glamour). She currently performs a one woman show that she wrote about the life of the 1920's silent screen vamp, Barbara La Marr, and will soon portray Barbara in a documentary and film titled "Lest You Forget" about her short but fascinating life. The film is being produced by Valerie Mannahan. This image is by photographer Rick Miller and portrays Sherri as Barbara La Marr.

Here's another couple of glamour swimsuit shots by RK Studios that can be found on Sherri's website here.

Thanks for getting in touch with us Sherri! Oh and by the way, if you happen to like the black lace Alix of Miami swimsuit Sherri is modeling we were fortunate enough to find another one and have it listed here. It's also got a matching cover-up.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Dream World of Sarah Moon

Isn't this a stunning photograph? It's one of my favorites by photographer Sarah Moon. Born in England in 1940 (as Marielle Hadengue), Moon made her name in haute couture fashion photography with luxurious and mysterious compositions. Her color work is highly saturated and grainy. Innovative, witty, and seductive, Moon's photographs draw the viewer into a dream world. Mystery and sensuality are at the core of Moon's work, whether she's photographing haute couture, still life, or portraiture.

Dance Dance by Sarah Moon

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Who's That Pin-Up?

It's time again for another round of 'Who's That Pin-up'? How well do you know the gals? Some of these are fairly easy. Supply your answers by leaving a comment. As the bathing beauties are correctly identified I will post the answer along with a link to the person who correctly identifies each image. Ready, set, GO!

1. Loretta Young correctly identified by Big Yellow Taxi Vintage.

2. Jane Russell correctly identified by Secondlooks

3. Clara Bow correctly identified by Big Yellow Taxi Vintage

4. Lauren Becall correctly identified by Secondlooks

5. Yvonne DeCarlo correctly identified by Showtime Vintage

6. Susan Hayward correctly identified by Showtime Vintage

7. Rhonda Fleming

8. Alexis Smith correctly identified by Showtime Vintage

9. Toby Wing

10. Anne Sheridan correctly identified by Showtime Vintage

11. Anita Page correctly identified by Big Yellow Taxi Vintage