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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Audrey's Vacation Scrapbook

We're opening our virtual scrapbook of our vacation with Audrey. She really is a doll and we so adore her. I made this cover in honor of her and our time away. She really does have the best doe eyes in the world.

I'm pensive, I need a vacation, I've been working so hard on the set of Sabrina and I'm long overdue for a break. Really get me out of the studio and into some fresh air.

Oh but darling, do want to come with me? I'd just adore some company! Think of the laughs we can have, you simply must come. Just tell the office your aunt has leprosy and she needs your personal care for a couple of weeks. It'll be our little secret.

I think I can manage packing just one small bag along with my train case, I shouldn't need much to wear on a summer beach holiday. A few swimsuits, light resort wear, my face paint of course and oh yes, the camera. You grab the passports darling and we'll be on our way.

See I knew you would love it, now let go of the wheel and give us a smile with the big fish you caught. Ha, not like that silly, just hold it by the tail.

Life is good, I feel divine today. You like my polka dots? Just a little something I picked up at Altmans.

Seriously, a girl can't live on water alone. Let's break out that magnum of Champagne and get some caviar. It'll be a picnic of sorts.

Oh yes, that was just lovely. Do I have egg on my face? I need to look my best even though I'm undercover. You don't think anyone recognises me do you?

Nope the souffle isn't done yet and I may have let it fall by opening this darned oven. I'm not that domesticated you know, but I thought it would be a lovely surprise for you after a full day of swimming and sunning. Ah well, let's just have more champagne and go out for din din.

Let's ask the captain if we can take one more sail tomorrow. There is far to much to see and we don't have much time left. Please, will you do that for me? Then we can go shopping. I need a new hat.

I really can't believe how fast the time has gone. Really darling, yes I do like this hat. What do you mean it doesn't go with my sunglasses? Where is your sense of style!

Back in the studio for some portrait work. Somehow it's just not the same modeling my polka dot bikini with fishnets on set. I keep thinking back to our glorious days on the Riviera.

I mean really! What are they thinking? I am not some little fish that just got caught up in a net with seaweed. You can't make a fish sit on a block and pose. But I'll try and see if we can make this work. Oh the horror they put me through sometimes.

Remember darling, I love you and our time away. We need to do this more often, but let's keep it mum, it'll be our little secret.

1 comment:

elena-lu said...

adore her! definately a beautiful woman and a beautiful soul!