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Monday, June 8, 2009

GlamourScoop - Tara Gardner from Queens of Vintage

We're kicking off a new series of posts on the blog today called GlamourScoop. Once a month we will interview one of our colleagues, a vintage fashionista, a vintage shop owner or another vintage blogger. Got something to say? If you are interested in being interviewed, send a comment or drop us a line.

Today we begin with Tara Gardner from Queens of Vintage. Queens of Vintage is a daily global glossy for vintage lovers. Jam packed with oodles of information on vintage clothing, styling tips, fabulous video's, interior make-overs and a new social network where you can chat with like minded guys and gals. You really should bookmark QOV and check them out daily. Tara and I started chatting on twitter and things grew from there. We contribute regular columns to their site and participate in the chat rooms.

Introducing Tara, isn't she a cutey patootey?

Q. How and Why did Queens of Vintage begin?

A. QueensOfVintage.com was created by Editor-in-Chief Sarah Woodhead founder of our sister site greenmystyle.com and editor Lena Weber. I came along just after the idea was conceived and obviously needed little convincing to join up. The idea was to build a women's daily global glossy magazine utterly devoted to vintage. It is such a fantastic concept, so simple, and yet exactly what lots of us have been crying out for for years!

Q. What do you think it takes to be a successful company like QueensOfVintage.com?

A. A lot of passion and determination. We absolutely love QueensOfVintage (QOV) and really believe in it. There isn't really another site like it where anything and everything vintage has a place under one roof, and vintage lovers from across the world can congregate and swap stories and advice. And the best part is that we never run out of ideas! There are a million articles on amazing people that have never been written before, there are hundreds of vintage homes out there to be photographed.. I could go on and on!

Q. What does the future hold in store for QOV?

A. Loads of new things really. The site will grow and grow as we have so many fantastic writers and regular visitors. But beyond the site, we really want to do more things outside of cyberspace. We have already had a stall at our first vintage fashion fair, and it was such a brilliant experience.

We have lots of other ideas in the pipeline, as we really believe vintage will play a huge part in the future.

Q. We recently noticed you started a social networking piece to QOV, how is that going?

A. It's going really well so far. There are some incredible ladies, gents, and businesses on there, and it's a fantastic chance to bring the global community of vintage and antique lovers together in a cyberstyled ladies' power room.

From swapping forties hairstyling tips to a vintage book club, there are loads of great threads and groups to browse through, it's definitely a virtual porthole into the past! It's also a really lovely way for myself, Lena, and Sarah to chat to our readers and get to know them better. We've even met some of our writers in the networking site, so you never know, join us and you could end up being a published writer! http://queensofvintage.ning.com/

Q. How do people get involved in QOV?

It might sound really cheesy, but we are really interested in hearing from everyone who visits QueensOfVintage site. Because vintage is so unique and has so many lost stories behind it, it's so important for our readers to help us bring these stories into public consciousness and help them remain remembered.

Whether it's commenting on articles, joining our networking site, having a tweet with us on twitter http://twitter.com/QueensOfVintage, or emailing us to submit article ideas or interiors peeps of beautiful vintage homes, there's absolutely loads of ways to be part of the QueensOfVintage team, and we just want to try to get that message across.

Q. What other blogs do you read that you think would be of interest to the vintage community?

We are huge fans of vintage blogs and bloggers. There are so many fantastic bloggers out there doing brilliant and innovative things in the world of vintage. We have a blogroll of some of our favourites which we try to update regularly and these are all great blogs.
But in actual fact, we are currently working on a top secret project that will answer this question much better in the next few weeks. Watch this space (again)!

Q. What do you feel is the biggest misconception about vintage fashion?

I think a lot of people who don't understand vintage think it's all about dressing in frumpy, moth-eaten, grannyware. There is the 'why would you want to wear something old and out of date' attitude. Lots of people who aren't interested in the beautiful fashions from the past and don't recognise the styles and eras of your outfits, tend to be quite narrow minded and just lump you into the goth, 'quirky', weird, or granny category! I have had to explain myself so many times to people - "My prom dress is from the fifties, I am not into death metal and vampires!" It's a real shame that so many people are so naive about vintage fashion - they clearly don't know what they are missing out on, but then again, all the more wonderful outfits for us goths!

Q. Are there certain eras that you like?

I am a real forties girl at heart. I love the glamour and romance of the era - that despite there being a war women still found ways to be stylish right down to tailoring men's pyjamas into dresses and staining their legs with tea! I am fascinated by make do and mend and have
written loads of articles on the subject. The make do and mend column on QueensOfVintage is all about ways of re-purposing and reusing vintage items. And there's really never been a better time to make do and mend in the current environmental and economic climates!

Q. What do you collect?

Clutter and junk! Things to stub your toes on...I can't resist buying furniture, knick-knacks, old books, you name it it's stuffed in my room. There's just something really satisfying about rescuing a lovely old antique, wondering who it belonged to, and how it got to be here.

My big love though is collecting tea cups. I have a collection of mismatched cups dating from Victorian through to the fifties and sixties. Whenever I'm out and I see a tea cup, I just have to buy it! And really nothing gives me so much pleasure. I get happy just looking at my cups... sad I know!

Q. When you aren't working on QOV how do you spend your time?

Ummm... Sleeping! QueensOfVintage is something of a lifestyle rather than work. When I'm not writing for it, I'm on the hunt for new stories, people to interview, and places to visit. And when I'm not on the prowl, I'm frantically fixing things, crafting things, and dreaming up new ways to remake things. My current project is a pillowcase nightie case (if i ever find time to finish it!)...

Q. You'd laugh if you knew this about me.

I am one of the most accident prone, clumsy people ever... when they were handing out feet, I got two left ones..


elena-lu said...

wow what a great interview! interesting read thank you!

miss vintage love said...

I agree! It's great to read interviews about fellow vintage lovers! Let me know if I can ever help out!

Angela @ www.propervintageclothing.com

Past Perfect Vintage Clothing said...

thanks for the intro to another vintage fashion blog that is a must read!

puddin said...

We just watch "La Via Rose" the movie about Edith Piaf, and I thing you look a lot like her !

Tanya said...

I have started a vintage and resale business recently, and it has been well recieved. You are right about some people that think it's a costume only for Halloween, etc.Others get real nostalgic about what they used to wear, or what their grandma wore.
I adore the 50's -60's era, and the dresses I find are exquisite. I have learned not to be a collector, and have parted with my prizes, so that other girls can enjoy! There's alwaya more out there! i feel like Grace Kelly or Audrey when I wear these fabulously made dresses. The hit show, Mad Men has made people more aware. I love Vintage!!