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Friday, June 5, 2009

Sweethearts in Swimsuits

It doesn't get any sweeter than this! We recently acquired this woman's Catalina swimsuit which dates to 1949. This is a fabulous piece and to top it off it's new old stock, still has the tags attached.

We also have the matching men's trunks, how cool is that?

We can identify the name of the print. Hidden underneath the modesty panel Catalina identifies the print as "Hawaiian Fish" A California hand print.

I can't find any information on California hand prints. I do know that there are vintage tablecloths and linens that are marked this way but those are not associated with Catalina at all.
What I do know is that this type of set was put out by Catalina in the late 40's and they were marketed as "Sweethearts in Swimsuits. This ad is from 1948. This set is called Angel Fish. The men's suit is a jacquard knit of wool, lastex and celanese. Original price $6.00. The woman's swimsuit is a jacquard knit of lastex and celanese. Original price $12.00

And this ad is from 1949. This hand blocked print is called "Wild Ducks". The woman's suit cost $15.00 and there is text that says there was a matching convertible T-shirt for $6.00 and a Beach coat for $14.00 and even a beach towel at $5.00. The men's trunks are priced at $18.00

We also have this Catalina suit in our store. The print is called "California Poppy". Aren't they marvelous?

If anyone can shed any more light onto the California hand prints, we'd love to hear from you!


lucitebox said...

I just about passed out when I saw that you posted this suit on the vintage bulletin. You have the best swimwear! Years ago, I oggled this suit in an issue of Charm...loved it from the moment I saw it. Unfortunately, I look barfy in yellow.

Darla: Retro Ways said...

Oh my goodness that second suit on the girl in the first Catalina ad is freakin the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen, I think I would fall over with dis belief if I found that suit in my size.

Matching mens trunks who could ask for more!

Lovely post as always.