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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Every Gal Can Be a Pin-Up

Every gal can be pin up over at Nuclear Wardrobe. Run by the fabulous Eva Demure, contestants can enter once a month for a chance to win and even receive some prizes. Even if you don't want to enter you can still vote for your favorite pin-up gal each month. There is also a gallery page with all the past winners.

December 2008 Miss Elisha

May 2009 Miss Jessi Suede

So what's a Nuclear Girl you ask? Here's what Eva says...

"I started this contest for one reason in particular. I wanted a contest that could allow any rockabilly, swing, pin-up, glamour, retro-styled ladies to be in it. I believe that any girl can be a pin-up! For me, the real definition of a pin-up is 75% personality & attitude and 25% looks. Its sometimes hard to let that personality show through in photos, but when it does you know its an amazing piece of art. Letting your true self shine through is when everyone says..."boy, she's got something special!" But the real pin-up personality of most girls is not seen at places online, but
rather in the little things they do everyday...while they are cooking, giggling, strutting down the hall at work, and even taking a stumble down the stairs with grace.

Therefore, this contest is open to anyone who wants their pin-up side to be recognized...however you may define it, whether wardrobe, body type, facial features, setting & props, make-up, personality, or all of the above. I would like this to be a contest to recognize amateurs to professionals as long as you keep with the retro style & show you are a true pin-up!"

Contest and entry rules seem pretty straight forward. So what are you waiting for?


The Glamorous Housewife said...

Ooooh! Hmmmm. I just might do it! (Goes off to think about it)

Kevin/Tais-tois, sois beau said...

Really enjoyed reading you blog. Fantastic source of inspiration, I found your blog after investigating the retro-swimwear trends.
Some of the best retro or vintage swimsuits can be found at high-end designers or simply on Etsy;)


Glamoursurf said...

Thanks Kevin!

Some of the best authentic vintage swimwear can also be found @ www.glamoursurf.com!

Andi B. Goode said...

Doesn't that sound like fun?
-Andi x

Glamoursurf said...

I agree, what fun to dress up in vintage, take a snap and send it off!