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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to You - Love, mom

I've had this photo for a while now. It's my mom, on the right, with her sister and her parents taken in 1945. She would have been 15 years old. I'm sharing this with you because this weekend I got a fabulous birthday gift from my mom.

She gave me this photo of herself, taken in 1951. She was 21 years old and in nurses training at St Lukes in Chicago. Isn't she pretty? I love seeing how she grew up from adolescence into a gorgeous young lady. And what a fabulous birthday gift to me. I did ask permission from her to post it on my blog to share with you and she had no problems at all with it. So thanks mom, you're a doll! I need to find a frame for it so I can put it on my desk and admire it every day.


Mitch Weinstein said...

Nice story...your mom looked great and I'm sure she still does.

Happy belated birthday - you and Mick!

Glamoursurf said...

Thanks Chimmel!!! I wonder what Mick did yesterday?

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

I remember that picture! I don't think I ever looked that good in a swimsuit!