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Monday, August 31, 2009

1944: The Old, The New and The Future in Swimsuits

Los Angeles Ca, 1944. Back of photo reads: Bathing suit designs are given their official premier in showings at the Town House pool in Los Angeles, during which Earl Carroll lovelies modeled the latest creations of Catalina swimsuit designers. Here is the old, the new and the future in swimsuits demonstrated respectively by Marietta Elliott, Mairon Kerrigan and Tyra Vaughn. Miss Kerrigan is wearing one of the most attractive Catalina 1944 models with a Hawaiian motif in California hand print.

We have a new old stock with tags suit in our store at Glamoursurf.com which is oddly similar to the one Miss Kerrigan is wearing. How cool is that?

Now just pair it up with some peep toes and pin curls and Voila, you're a beautiful bombshell!

1913 Beach Bathing Suits

This picture was taken in 1940 although the beach bathing suits they are wearing are from 1913. Women had to cover up from head to foot during the early 1900's or risk being arrested. This image is taken from the football film "The Life of Knute Rockne", with Pat O'Brien in the title role. The ribboned and ruffled ladies are left to right; Lois James, Lois Lindsay, Evelyn Atchinson and Marilyn Kinsley. They sure look to be having fun!

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Lovely Doris Day

Today we take a brief look at the lovely Doris Day.

This suit looks like a Catalina to me. That inverted V ruching on the front is a dead giveaway. And Love the scallop bust line treatment.

Love this last shot of Doris in a 2 piece swimsuit, such modest heels though. Most pin up photographs we see of stars in swimwear have them sporting high heels to glam up the legs. But I must say, it does suit her.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Brigitte Bardot 1953

Brigitte Bardot in a bikini at the Cannes Film Festival in 1953. You can read an interview with her here.And yes, that is Kirk Douglas hamming it up with Brigitte.

She was born in Paris on September 28, 1934. She would have been 19 in these shots.

Pretty little thing wasn't she? And before the blond bombshell took over to boot.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Flying through the Air with the Greatest of Ease

circa 1934, dancer Peggy Wilson is thrown between two men on the beach. Flying through the air indeed.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Swimsuit of the Future by Bonnie Cashin

Bonnie Cashin "Suit of the Future" worn by 20th century star Jean Peters in 1948.

This small article mention of a piece by Bonnie Cashin made me chuckle.

'Bathing suit fashion trends roughly approximate social and political trends, and today the movement seems to be toward conservatism. In the case of bathing suits, this movement toward the right is not inspired by capitalistic reaction, but by the simple fact that the fourty-year, revolutionary wear-less movement has come to a dead end; women can't wear less without going nude. Since this last step would put the huge bathing-suit industry out of business, designers are carefully suggesting that in the future women will want more conservative beachwear. The suits will be fuller, more glittering, and will be made of all kinds of fabric - from mattress ticking to velvet - most of them elasticized and water repellent. One buck-Roger's eye view of coming styles is movie designer Bonnie Cashin's purple and gold "Suit of the Future" for formal evening swimming parties - a wishful glimpse into the elasticized World of Tomorrow, in which every American home will have a swimming pool in the living room and an actress reclining by the pool.'

Now wouldn't the string bikini have caused a stir in this future prediction model. And a swimming pool in my living room? And if it comes with an actress, lets see, I'll take Natalie Wood. How about you?

Monday, August 24, 2009

More Marilyn mmmm....

We never tire of Marilyn Monroe in swimwear. The first two images of her are from Holiday magazine 1948.

Untarnishable silver thread woven into a diamond pattern shines in this matelasse taffeta. The suit is a one piece classic with specially constructed bra by Caltex of California.

Here she basks in a one piece swimsuit in 1948. It is made of soft velvet treated chemically for water repellency. The bow tie bra and shirred trunks are separated in front for a two piece effect. This one is by Cole of California.

We have a similar swimsuit in our store Glamoursurf.com. This one is by Del Mar in a black stretch satin.

Isn't Marilyn adorable here? I love the classic look of a white swimsuit paired with that polka dot parasol.

Tennis anyone? Slip some shorts over your swimsuit for a game on the court, then head back to the pool to cool off.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Beach Glamour 1954

I ♥ LOVE ♥ this swimsuit. Some might not call it one, but it is. Definitely not one you'd want to take in the water, but I'm sure you'd get some well deserved attention wearing this to the beach. The stripes are accented with a burgundy bustle and the swimsuit is further enhanced by matching sleeves. Image is from 1954. Oh la la...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tuesday Weld - Little Sex Kitten

Back to our Hollywood bombshells as promised, here we give you a small glimpse of Tuesday Weld.
Tuesday Weld Circa 1960

Born August 27, 1943 as Susan Kerr Weld in New York. Tuesday has many many films to her credit, but we particularly like these swimsuit photo's of her. She has a birthday coming up next week.

Isn't this a darling two piece? I love the cut out sides and the print of the suit. These poses aren't bad either.

And here she is in a different suit but in the same interior.

And finally here's a small clip of Tuesday Weld in the Bachelor Flat from 1962. Some hot breakfast hum?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Coco Chanel - Queen of Couture

Coco's birthday is today, she was born on August 19, 1883. The queen of haute couture began her life as a singer in Paris where she earned her name Coco. At the age of 20 a friend, Etienne Balsan, offered to help her start a millinery business. She then went on to open her first millinery shop on Paris’s Rue Cambon in 1910. She later opened clothing stores on Deauville and Biarritz.

She launched her first perfume, Chanel No5, in the 1920's and in 1925 she launched what is now the legendary Chanel Suit, a slim fitted skirt with a collarless jacket. She also launched the 'little black dress' in the 1920's.

Her line of accessories included multiple strands of pearls and chains, quilted handbags, and sling back pumps.

In the 1930s she had to close her shops with the advent of the depression and the war. She did not reopen until the 1950s.

Coco died in her apartment at the Ritz on January 10, 1971. After her death, her assistant designers, Gaston Berthelot and Ramon Esparza, and then her assistants Yvonne Dudel and Jean Cazaubon designed the couture (1975-83). Philippe Guibourge became the ready-to-wear designer. Karl Lagerfeld took over haute couture design in 1983 and ready-to-wear design in 1984.

Channel was a long time supporter of the arts and loved the ballet. She had a relationship with Igor Stravinsky and was friends with Pablo Picasso. It seems that Coco knew everyone.

There have been several films focusing on Coco Chanel including:
Chanel Solitaire (1981)
Coco Chanel - American television movie starring Shirley MacLaine
Coco avant Chanel - starring Audrey Tautou
Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky - Starring Anna Mouglalis
Coco - Broadway musical starring Katherine Hepburn

Happy Birthday Coco, your style still permeates couture fashion today and always. We thank you.

'In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.' Coco Chanel

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Mighty Elvis Costello at the Mountain Winery

One of my all time favorite artists Elvis Costello performed at the beautiful Mountain Winery in Saratoga Ca last night on the first stop of his tour. I've been looking so forward to this concert as I haven't seen Elvis live for quite some time (shame on me.) Dear husband bought us tickets and presented them to me as part of my birthday gift this year. Last minute he couldn't go as he wasn't feeling well so I took my daughter and her boyfriend and we had an excellent time. There were actually tickets left which surprised me as the Mountain Winery is a small intimate venue.
They've reconditioned the winery since I was last there but it is still one of the most beautiful places to see a concert. Nestled in the hills above Saratoga, the venue holds 2500 people and is one of my favorite places to see a performance. You can arrive early and have a picnic, enjoy a bottle of wine and have a most amazing view of the valley below.

We had fairly good seats, towards the center and just up a bit on the backside. Elvis and the Sugarcanes came out to play a full 2 hours with no intermission.

They mixed it up with some songs from his new album Elvis Costello: Secret, Profane & Sugarcane along with some oldies but goodies. Red Shoes, Allison, Brilliant Mistake.

Daughter enjoyed the violin player and big bass, I was loving the mandolin, but mostly the main man himself in his purple fedora. And I spotted & reconnected some old friends and colleagues while there.

They came back out to perform 3 encores, complete with the last song What's So Funny about Peace Love and Understanding. We moved down about 50 ft from the stage on his last encore. I got my hand slapped for taking some video, whoops sorry, really I was trying to take a pic and the video just went on. So here you have a flavor of the man himself. Sorry the song isn't complete, like I said it was an honest mistake.

And another nice video summary I just found on u tube.

Thanks Elvis!!!!! We'll get back to our regularly scheduled blog posts of Hollywood Glamour tomorrow. A girls gotta have her priorities.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Glamour Stars in Swimsuits - 1950s

Over the weekend I picked up a book titled 'Film Star Portraits of the 50's' with 163 Glamour Photos. There are dome fabulous photo's in the book and a couple of surprises. Today we'll show the swimwear.

Debbie Reynolds 1953. Virgil Apger for MGM.

OK, note the gorgeous swimsuit on Esther Williams. Then in the next photo of Ava Gardner one year later, the same outfit is called a 'costume' and made more to look like a photo taken in the boudoir with lingerie.

Esther Williams, 1951. Photo Virgil Apger, for MGM. Bathing suit by Helen Rose. Publicity shot for Texas Carnival.
Ava Gardner, 1952. Photo: Virgil Apger, for MGM. Costume by Helen Rose

Marilyn Monroe. Lauren Bacall and Betty Grable, 1953. Photo: Frank Powolny, for 20th Century Fox. Costumes by Charles Lemaire. Publicity shot for How to Marry a Millionaire.

Marilyn must have loved these shoes. She has been photographed many times with her in them.

Anita Ekberg, 1955. Photo Bert Six for Warner Brothers.

I'll post some more glamour phot's of the women screen stars tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Santa Monica Pier Then and Now

As mentioned in our last post we took a break from the daily grind and headed out to Los Angeles. We spent a couple of nights in Santa Monica and stayed by the beach. Hubby and I took a walk one morning down to the Santa Monica Pier.

I was enamoured with the beach, as usual. I took some photo's and when I came home and uploaded them I was amazed at the similarity of these two.


and then.

Not sure what that large structure is in the background but isn't it funny how similar the view is on these?

I apologise for the bad quality of these pictures. They were on display on the pier, underneath a Plexiglas display and in full sun so I'm sure the combination of those two elements has something to do with the quality but I just had to share them.

These two dudes and their dog, just where are they though? On a boat mast?

This is Muscle Beach, I really love this shot, check out Tarzan!

Looks like some sort of training regimen going on here. There was a yoga class on the pier while we were there, but I don't think that's the case here.

Long boards! Duke would have been proud!