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Friday, August 28, 2009

The Lovely Doris Day

Today we take a brief look at the lovely Doris Day.

This suit looks like a Catalina to me. That inverted V ruching on the front is a dead giveaway. And Love the scallop bust line treatment.

Love this last shot of Doris in a 2 piece swimsuit, such modest heels though. Most pin up photographs we see of stars in swimwear have them sporting high heels to glam up the legs. But I must say, it does suit her.


Witchcrafted Life said...

Absolutely cute as a button! I often veer more towards "wholesome girl-next-door" looks myself, so I've always drawn inspiration from the lovely Ms. Day. Thank you for highlighting these terrific photos of her.

Wishing you a beautiful Monday & week ahead!
♥ Jessica

Glamoursurf said...

Thanks Jessica,

I couldn't agree more. I was happy to have found these. She is much more on the wholesome side of 50's thank most of the other bombshells I find. BTW, I'm adding you to my blog roll today. Thanks!