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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Swimsuit of the Future by Bonnie Cashin

Bonnie Cashin "Suit of the Future" worn by 20th century star Jean Peters in 1948.

This small article mention of a piece by Bonnie Cashin made me chuckle.

'Bathing suit fashion trends roughly approximate social and political trends, and today the movement seems to be toward conservatism. In the case of bathing suits, this movement toward the right is not inspired by capitalistic reaction, but by the simple fact that the fourty-year, revolutionary wear-less movement has come to a dead end; women can't wear less without going nude. Since this last step would put the huge bathing-suit industry out of business, designers are carefully suggesting that in the future women will want more conservative beachwear. The suits will be fuller, more glittering, and will be made of all kinds of fabric - from mattress ticking to velvet - most of them elasticized and water repellent. One buck-Roger's eye view of coming styles is movie designer Bonnie Cashin's purple and gold "Suit of the Future" for formal evening swimming parties - a wishful glimpse into the elasticized World of Tomorrow, in which every American home will have a swimming pool in the living room and an actress reclining by the pool.'

Now wouldn't the string bikini have caused a stir in this future prediction model. And a swimming pool in my living room? And if it comes with an actress, lets see, I'll take Natalie Wood. How about you?


JANN said...

I HAVE often thought about what the future bathing suits would look like?
Perhaps we won't even need one, we will all just swim nude? The suits keep getting smaller or perhaps we will need a whole one piece from neck to feet since the oceans are getting more polluted ? I love your blog, thanks for all the work you put into it. Please check out my
13 ThornyRoses blog...I so love the beach.

A Dangerous Dame said...

All is I can say wow.. Shoot.. I will be in biz for a good while if woman wore a lil more coverage. That's what my swimsuits designs are all about.. Leave more to the imaganation... as for a swimming pool in my living room... now that would be SO awesome..I think I'd want Rita Hayworth in my pool!!

Glamoursurf said...

Thanks Jann for your comment.

nikki, do you design swimwear? I'd love to see your site if you can post a link!