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Monday, September 21, 2009

Creative Canvas Swimsuit Style

Wow, isn't she pretty? And can you guess where this is heading? The year is 1950.

See how the suit sashes in front between the bust and can be worn strapless with the sash tied in front or tied behind the neck? It seems that most of the pretty models for this event are wearing solid white swimsuits.

Well lets then add some men, some alcohol in some conference room and see what develops shall we?
Huh, he's writing on my bum?

I'm sure that must tickle, and I'm sure there were lots of jokes being passed around.

Woah, getting a little close for comfort? Alfred, are you leaving your phone number?

Now let's see, will the ink run?

Aww, yours is just so cute! Seriously marketing stunts like this were done pretty frequently back in the 1950s. This one was actually to test a new 'waterproof' ink and what better way to do it that to use top fashion models in swimsuits from New York and combine them with cartoonists of the day. Want to see more? Here are all of the images from LIFE magazine that were shot by Bernard Hoffman.

Credit goes to PW the beat blog for uncovering the original source of this somewhat 'creative' marketing event. I wonder what ever became of the swimsuit canvases?

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Ms. B @ Millie Deel said...

Love all the photos for this!!!