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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Did You See Drew?

Did you see Drew Barrymore in this jaw dropping dress from Alexander McQueen for the screening of her new movie ‘Whip it’ at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival? The black lace is so edgy on this dress, I absolutely adore it! The black tipped hair, maybe not.

I for one am really excited to see this movie, roller girls, up close and personal female action, what's not to love?

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Ms. B @ Millie Deel said...

I really love that dress! I especially love the tattoo effect it has, so unexpected!

Anonymous said...

Wow... I didn't even recognize Drew. I also love the tattoo look of her dress.

Drew's new movie looks like a lot of fun! Glad to see her move into the director's chair.

Glamoursurf said...

Ms B, at first I thought Drew had gotten a tatoo on her chest and arms, but it's just the lace overlay on a magnificent dress.

Dave, she's such a cameleon, she looks totally different from her Grey Gardens premier look.

ClubVintageFashions said...

I absolutely love that faux-tattoo lace on her dress!

JANN said...

I like Drew's black tipped hair, very edgy alternative. Nice post about her...still loving your blog.

she was great in GREY GARDENS. Such a talented lady.

Scientific Housewife said...

I love the dress she is wearing but I would prefer another color underneath.

Intrinsically Florrie said...

Well I personally think the dress is just fabulous!
Eek, I only noticed the black tipped hair when you pointed it out (somehow missed it in the other pictures I've seen of this outfit, how odd), not so keen on that I must say.

Florrie x

XoXo, Vicki said...

I've been a fan of Drew for decades. She is so unique. I have an ever growing respect for her unique flare!