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Friday, September 18, 2009

Limited Edition Tin

Rummaging at the flea market a few weeks ago, I found this lovely tin and just had to bring it home with me. It a 'limited edition' tin that Cracker Jack put out in 1991.

While I used to eat this confection as a kid and have fond memories of 'finding the prize inside' I don't eat it any more. I just don't have a sweet tooth like I used to.

But the reason I bought the tin wasn't for nostalgic reasons, it's because of this wonderful image. Isn't she sweet?
Now I need to figure out how to get some of the gooey residue off the tin without taking off the paint of the image. Once it's complete I'll use it to store all my vintage buttons.


puddin said...

try a product called "Citrus Magic". I use it to remove residue . Great tins!

Glamoursurf said...

Thanks Puddin, I'll look for that. BTW, I love your ID, that was my first doggies name.