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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Remembering my Grandparents

I was going through some of my pictures this weekend and was thrilled to find these wonderful photo's of my maternal grandparents in their swimsuit attire. My grandfather William C. King was born on May 15, 1890 and lived to be 91 years old. My grandmother Hallie Jessie King was born on August 8, 1903. This picture of grandpa is dated to the 1930s and was taken at Lake Michigan. He would have been in his 40's in this photo. The picture of my grandmother was taken in 1925, she would have been 22. They were married a year later in 1926.

Their first home after getting married on January 18, 1926 was in Dowagiac, Michigan. From there they moved to Southbend, Indiana where my grandfather bought and painted the house pink because it was my grandmothers favorite color. I was born in Southbend so I was fortunate to spend time with my grandparents when I was very young. As a family we used to take summer vacations to Lake Michigan.

I have fond memories of both of my grandparents. Grandma was a very frugal person, after having gone through the depression. She sewed, gardened and cooked and also was an RN. I fondly remember her teaching me to cook tomato soup from home grown tomatoes, she would can lots of her own produce and they had a huge blackberry patch on the side yard. Fresh lemonade was always on hand in the refrigerator.

Grandpa smoked a pipe and kept a drawer stocked by his bed with butterscotch candies, my favorite flavor to date. He'd also go fishing. I remember going to the worm patch with him and helping to dig through the dirt for earthworms that he would put in his worm can to take on his outings. Grandma would cook up fresh fried blue fish for breakfast. YUMMY!

Their house contained a wonderful cellar filled with all sorts of nooks and crannies to play hide and seek in. The smell of that cellar is one I'll never forget and whenever I do smell something similar it always brings me back to that wonderful cool environment. The attic was also a wonderful place to explore. Grandma never got rid of any of the clothes, and they were stored hanging in the attic. I remember one day finding an Indian head nickle in one of the pockets of a jacket, and I still have that nickle to this day.

Isn't it interesting how smells and taste can be such big memory triggers? It's been fun spending the weekend reminiscing about my grandparents.

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Metro Retro Vintage said...

What a wonderful remembrance! I could taste the butterscotch too! ;)