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Monday, September 14, 2009

You win!

Thanks to Carol of Life of a Jersey Girl for giving me the 'Kreativ Blogger' award for our GlamourSplash blog! Cool! Now I get to pass on the award to 7 of my favorite blogs (only 7? that's hard!) and also tell you 7 things that I ♥love♥. Ready, Set, Go!

Heather Bullard - Heather does such an amazing job with her photo's and mixing up vintage with modern twist. Really, her staging is impeccable.

Gala Darling - Gala always has such an awesome mix of interesting and amazing links in her Icing blog, I especially love her 'Things I love Thursday' and 'Carousel' post on Fridays. And besides, who doesn't admire a gal that can pull off PINK hair!

Queens of Vintage - Really love this site, not only does it have a wealth of information but it also has a wonderful forum group. Just so many avenues for a vintage gal to explore.

Denise Brain - I've admired Maggie for such a long time. She does all of her own modeling, she presents vintage in a favorable light and she has some great inventory to boot. What's not to love? Check out her monthly flash themes she produces, just amazing! And today is her Birthday to boot, Happy Birthday Maggie!

Super Kawaii Mama - A very well done blog with lots of inspiration.

Liebemarlene - Again, she does an amazing job with her photo's and presenting vintage in such a fun way, check her out, I'm sure you'll be hooked too!

CoutureAllure - Jody always has an impressive display of vintage knowledge, from sharing her vintage magazine scans to a wealth of favorite vintage finds. She has some fabulous inventory too!

Wow, I could go on and on, but alas, I share with you the 7 things I ♥love♥.

Vintage swimwear - well duh!?! Really, if you don't share this passion with me you probably wouldn't be reading my blog! We sell vintage swimwear and vintage clothing.

Volunteering - I am a big fan of volunteering, if you don't give back to your community, you should! It makes you feel good, give back where you can! Volunteering in my past has been helping to build housing for Habitat for Humanity, working with children and art in after school programs, and volunteering for my daughters school through the Parent Club where we raise funds for the school to support various programs.

Fast Cars - OK, my last 3 cars have been BMW's. Performance, performance and yes, performance. I love a car that gives me speed, comfort and agility. Maybe someday DH will break my habit and get me a Porsche or a T-bird or something.

Cooking - When I'm not on line you can probably catch me in the kitchen cooking up all sorts of yummy in your tummy offerings. I really love to cook and share food with friends and family. My kitchen is the heart of my home.

Learning - I am always learning something new, and If I'm not, then shame on me, I'm bored. Challenge yourself to learn something new each day!

Art - Inspire me! I have a degree in art and a small art studio where I thrive. It's really a wonderful thing to have a creative outlet, good therapy too!

Reading - I love to read, every night before I go to bed I read. OK, I also read at other times of the day, but bedtime is my favorite time to pull out a good book and just get lost.


Candice DeVille said...

I'm very honored. Thank you so much! xxx Candice DeVille

denisebrain said...

Sorry to take sooooo l o n g to thank you for your nod to me Pam! I love your blog and am so glad to be in your sights too.

Glamoursurf said...

Both of your blogs are fabulous!