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Thursday, October 22, 2009

GlamourScoop - Vintage Swimwear Artist & Collector Jennie Pry

I was contacted by an artist named Jennie Pry this week who creates some stunning artwork of vintage swimwear. She uses the swimsuit as her model and muse and is a fellow vintage swimwear collector. She has had several shows where she displays her art of vintage swimsuits and sometimes includes stories of the women who wore them. You can view more of her work on her website.

Jennie recently finished as an artist in Residence with the Australia maritime museum for the exhibition Exposed the story of swimwear. The exhibition highlights past and present swimwear designers and their work. The exhibition runs through October 25th and will then travel around to various museums in Australia.

"The bathing suits reveal particular moments in time from a past era – stages in individual women’s lives. Through the suits, we are drawn to understand more about the women who wore them, their body shape, their feelings about themselves, how they wanted to expose themselves and we imagine how their lives may have been lived, their intrigues and their hopes and aspirations."

"Just as the colour has faded from the suits and the shape and texture of the fabric has changed, so too has the lives of the women who wore them. Their bodies have altered and aged, their interests changed as their lives moved on. The suits remain the glamorous nostalgic, remnants of former lives."

Fabulous aren't they? Really, someone needs to sponsor me to go to Australia!

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