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Friday, November 13, 2009

The Sun Worshipers

There are many forms that sun worshiping takes. We're talking lounging here, just sitting back and enjoying the sun, letting it warm and perhaps tan your body. Total relaxation, sitting at the beach, listening to the calming effect of the waves against the shore, perhaps sipping your favorite mixed concoction.

This set up looks particularly enticing to me. Lot's of space to stretch out, comfy pillows, vivid fabrics, tables and umbrellas. I can picture myself spending a whole day right here.

Perhaps you might feel more cozy laid out in a contraption such as this. Foot rest, pillows, the sun and a bit of privacy.

Well, OK, the phone cracks me up, but replace that today with your cell phone and a deck chair and maybe that's more your style.

Or a simple beach chair and nothing else.

Maybe you bring the family and the whole back yard. BBQ, picnic basket, blankets, toys, umbrellas, beach chairs, and oh yes, the kids.

Or just a few close friends?

Cards anyone?

Yes, well, you won't want to miss the water too. Cool off in between slathering on the sunscreen. Doesn't this look enticing though?

OK, then there's improvisation. Use the surfboard if nothing else will suffice.

Perhaps you don't need any extra blanket or towel to enjoy the beach. But I prefer something as a border between and those little grains of sand.

And I suppose there are those who don't like the beach at all (or don't have the luxury of being near the beach) and prefer lounging in the backyard.

What's your style?


elena-lu said...

oh woohoo for including some joan in there!

puddin said...

And then there's the backyard pool-- remember?

Glamoursurf said...

Ahh, the backyard pool and the sprinklers!

Unknown said...
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