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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Vintage Ornaments and Christmas Decor

Ohh, another 12 days of Christmas post, this time we look at ornaments and home decor.

Each year I try and buy at least one vintage ornament to hang on our tree. They are all so lovely with lots of inventive shapes and colors, and really put modern plain ornaments to shame.

This welcome plaque hangs in our entry way.

And out front of the entry way on the rain chain I've placed some large plastic ornaments. We don't usually put lights on the house so these take the place of that, and it saves electricity cost too.

My pride and joy. I picked this up quite a few years ago and it proudly takes center stage on our mantle every year. It s a jeweled Christmas tree home made (not by me), done on black velvet and framed.
And two vintage angel candle toppers complete the display.

I try and put a bowl of potporri out every year to help with the festiveness. This one smells so nice too!

I made these balls quite a few years ago and they still look nice in the dining room. Nuts berries and moss are attached to a base round Styrofoam ball. You can get pretty creative. The clove ball was once an orange, but it still holds its shape and makes a nice touch to this bowl.

We have a ficus tree in the dining room as well and I adorn it with all my vintage birds. In fact, these stay up year round.

These are some of the standards in our house every year. What do you do to decorate?


Scientific Housewife said...

I love all of your decorations, they are so pretty and festive!

Glamoursurf said...

Than you so much! I don't go overboard, but I love what I do have.