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Friday, January 29, 2010

Luiza Bonadiman 2010 Swimwear Collection

I am pleased to see that this Brazilian designer, as well as a few others, are bringing back the sleeves in swimwear. Swimwear with sleeves had some brief exposure int he early 1950s. Here Luiza Bonadiman uses strategically placed asymmetrical cutouts in her swimwear collection for 2010. Her use of peek-a-boo keyholes, an attention to the shoulders, dynamic angles, lace like fabric and some interesting fringe detail make this line work. There is also some draping and bondage type wrapping that makes it interesting.

You can see her designs on the catwalk from a video of her Rio Fashion Week show. The models are gorgeous!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bravo Rosa Cha

I really love mostly everything about the 2010 Spring Summer Collection from Rosa Cha.

The effortless pairing of sheers over two tone color blocks and stripes, the lingerie style details, and of course the swimwear itself. Definate 40s influence can be seen in this collection. The high waisted two piece suits, the strategic cut outs, the back ties, and the accessories help to punch up the decades influence. Note the head wraps, the round sunglasses, the huge bangle bracelets and those shoes! Wedges with an espadrille flavor made to look like a high heel. Brilliant!

Amir Slama, a native Brazillian, is the force behind Rosa Cha. He launched the line in 1990 after a career change from being a history professor and opened the stand alone Rosa Chas store in New York in 2008.

You can see the whole collection in this video of the fashion show. Which is your favorite?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Swimwear & Shaving - What a Combo?

Well here's an interesting use of a bombshell beauty in a vintage swimsuit used in the 1950s in a Mennen lather Shave Ad. The only reference to the bathing beauty to the ad is in the very small print of the after shave. It says "Cool off with Mennen Skin Bracer - It's He-Man aroma "Wows" the ladies." The illustration of the man's face sure is ogling the bathing beauty though.

Advertising aside, I really like the suit that's pictured. We have a very similar one from the 1940s in our store here.

The open midriff was popular in the 1940s when manufacturers had to find ways to use less fabric in clothing in order to comply with war time restrictions. I think this was a brilliant design to that effort. The navel still had to be covered but the midriff, well that's another story. Cute hum?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Name Your Caption

I thought this was a clever ad and I wanted to hear what your 'caption' ideas would be for this illustration. The ad is from 1937 and features two lifeguards looking up at a group of gals in swimsuits hoping to get an autograph from what appears to be a celebrity. What say you?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Mantilla Beauty by C. J. Sternberg

This image is from an ad by Textron from 1949. Textron was a manufacturer of fine lingerie. This ad features a midriff slip rich with Alencon type lace. Romantic as a mantilla, exciting as a flirting fan. Isn't the painting by C. J. Sternberg (Charlotte Jean Sternberg) beautiful? During the late forties Textron enhanced their already sterling reputation for precision parachuting materials by hiring some exceptionally talented in-house artists- C.J. Sternberg among them- to sell fabrics by weaving tales of incomparably splendor and beauty.

Today we share some other of her images for Textron from the late 1940s.

Moonlight and Shadow

Fluid Lovelines

Pink Pearl

Just lovely, don't you agree?

Friday, January 22, 2010

So Right Summertime Favorites

So right, clean edged fashions that were coming into vogue in 1949. These are featured in Womans Wear Daily. We share some of our summertime favorites with you. First off as promised, Claire McCardell.

Costume in Jersey: high waistline skirt and long stole over a strapless two piece bathing suit. By one of our favorites Claire McCardell. I really swoon over this and would wear it in a nano second.

Beauty on the beach: strapless bra, full skirt in cotton checks (comes with shirt), by Brigance.

Checks and terry cloth - young short shorts and bra with a boxy beach coat by Carolyn Schnurer.

For the young and slim: a Portuguese shepherd's jacket is made in terry cloth, back buttoned with cork, by Carolyn Schnurer.

Mexican rebozo, in citron yellow cotton, personality touch for simple knitted swimsuit by Brigance.
Flame red cotton damask high midriff dress, Mexican cotton bolero, by Brigance. Shantung accessories by Tina Leser.

One in a wardrobe - Directoire dinner dress of polka-dot silk with a stole, by Adele Simpson.

Exotic mauve pink dress in jacquard shantung for special afternoons, by Adele Simpson.

Aren't the drawings fun? Now I'm off to search for that polka dot Adele Simpson.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

1952 Feminine & Flirty Sportswear by Joset Walker

Today we spend time in 1952 with one of my favorite sportswear designers Joset Walker. Aren't these two white swimsuits just fabulous? Flirty and feminine while still maintaining a sense of modesty. I really am enamored with her design sense and style.

This two tone open back dress is also by Joset Walker from 1948. Stunning. Tomorrow I've got Claire McCardell lined up so stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Fine Art Photography of Deborah Turbeville

From the Bath House Series, Vogue, 1975

From the Bath House Series, Vogue, 1975

Deborah Turbeville was born in Massachusetts and raised in New England. At the age of 20 she moved to New York and began working with designer Claire McCardell. McCardell influenced her work in fashion photography.

She was a featured photographer for Vogue in the 1970s. Now she mainly works for Vogue Italy. You can see more of her work with Vogue Italy here. Turbeville has a book out called Past Imperfect, available on amazon.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Playsuit and a Swimsuit

I really love it when I find images that literally support my vintage swimsuits. OK, one is a swimsuit and one is a playsuit that is also a swimsuit. The red one is by Jantzen from the 1950s and is available at glamoursurf. Aren't they fun?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Resort Wear Fashions of the Virgin Islands 1949

Our final post in a series of Beach and Resort Wear Fashions from 1949. I really love this first image.

On the banks of St. Croix Christiansted harbor, a sophisticated modern resort dress is a form fitting, strapless, beltless brown cotton with real fishnet sleeves, and a shawl collar which can be worn down around the shoulders or up over the head as a hood. The three cork buttons are covered with fishnet and the jewelry is made of cork, pearls, and colorful beads. Dress by Margaret Newman, Capezio straw sandals, Regina jewelry.

Crisp cover up of washable cottons make the right kind of clothes for island sight seeing and shopping. Right, next to the donkey, a two piece tattersall dress by Claire McCardell which has a full skirt, a draped bosom, thin shoulder straps and contrasting short tied bolero. Center: a white pique skirt with a purple chambray blouse featuring pique cuffs and bib, by Frances Sider. Left: a two piece with a print dirndl skirt and eyelet embroidered blouse by Mady Marell.

Wearing citified dresses for sight seeing, the girls study the quiet village square. In the foreground: a two piece linen ensemble by Pat Premo consists of a scarlet strapless dress with a white linen jacket. Back: a white linen dress with red embroidered scallops and dots by William Bass.

Lightweight dresses designed for the Virgin Islands are shown on the Widows Walk of the Lutheran Parsonage in Christiansted. The dress in the foreground is a tan cotton with an elasticized waist and matching scarf. In the background is a pale blue cotton with push up sleeves. Both by Joset Walker!

Sailing clothes should be easy and comfortable and warmer that shore apparel. Left: a pair of light yellow wool slacks with an adjustable waistband worn with a navy jersey pull over and a wool cardigan for added warmth. Right: yellow corduroy shorts worn with a jersey T-shirt by Jantzen.

On the bow of the Yawl, girl visitors wear warm but brief play clothes. Left a two piece navy wool knit shorts and matching two tone shirt by Groblu. Right: a lightweight red and white striped jersey decollete sweater worn with navy cotton shorts by Toni Owen.

I have to admit that all of the Joset Walker pieces in this series are my favorites. She had such a sense of style. And I'll have to go on an research a bit more about Shepherd. What are your favorites?

Friday, January 15, 2010

1949 Beach Wear & Resort Wear

Continuing on with our Winter Sun Resort Wear Fashions from 1949 posts, today we have more bathing beauties on St Croix.

Two beach ensembles, the coats of which, when belted, make town dresses, are photographed at Watch Ho, a private beach at St. Croix. Left: a three piece costume with rust colored cotton coat and shorts and a black jersey halter by Tina Leser. Right: green pique coat and one piece swim suit by Joset Walker. I really love her work!

Vast palatial ruins of old Danish estates are monuments to the wealth that St. Croix obtained from sugar and slave trade. The girl on the steps of the 250 year old 'Hope" estate ruins wears a two piece play suit consisting of lime pedal pushers and a boned striped camisole top by Margaret Newman.

The classic swimsuit goes on and on with only slight variation in detail and fabric. This years styles have detachable straps - on fro swimming , off for sunning. The standing girl wears a satin lastex with a boned draped bra by Shepherd. In the foreground; a two piece pale green satin lastex swimsuit by Jantzen. Beach towel by Catalina.

The French bathing suits is a here-to-stay addition to American beaches. These adaptions make a slight bow to modesty with their adjustable-length shorts. Left: a printed cotton, with a matching skirt (not shown) by Carolyn Schnurer. Center: a polka dot seersucker two piece by Catalina. Right: a terry-cloth suit with beach coat by Tina Leser.

On the palm thatched terrace of Ward M Canaday's remodeled circular sugar mill in St. Croix, this lovely girl suns herself. She is wearing a low cut mauve one piece prospector bathing suit by Francis Sider. The flattering figure control, boned, built in bra is covered with intricately draped jersey.

Desolate Buck Island near St. Croix in the background for these two strapless bathing suits. Both have matching skirts which, when worn, make them perfect patio ensembles for cocktail time. Left: a shirred mauve and gold plaid taffetron suit by Cole of California. Right: a shirred printed cotton and ruffled skirt, also by Cole of California.

We'll conclude this series on Monday. Until then my friends, have a lovely weekend.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Winter Sun Resort Wear Fashions 1949

Today we look at some marvelous resort wear fashions from 1949. This series was published in Holiday magazine, February 1949. Photographs by Fritz Henle. All photos taken on in the Virgin Islands.

This seasons fashions include a playsuit that transforms into a patio dress by the addition of a matching skirt; For town wear, the sightseeing set can tramp around in bright cotton outfits. The informal dress-ups are designed to get the most out of cocktail time and soft tropical evenings.

Brilliant colors in these beach costumes contrast sharply with the pastel buildings in the background at St. Croix. Right is an orange silk shantung two piece suit, left a green silk shantung one piece with a quilted cotton reversible skirt and stole. All by Tina Lesser. Bernardo Sandals.

Two cool silk dresses for the 'after 5' resort life are shown on the steps of the early 19th century governors palace at St. Croix. On the left is a full skirted print with high waistband and a low V neck mandarin collar by Tina Leser. On the right is a red shantung dress with a large pointed collar by Joset Walker.

Ribbon knit dresses area boon to women travelers. They pack easily, are cool and have an elegant made to order look. This pink heather hand knit, shown in the garden of a St. Croix house, is a straight cut dress with a V neckline and an unusual openwork matching stole. Ruban D'Art dress, Monet jewelry, Frank Bros. shoes.

A novel two piece slacks and skirt costume of pure silk green shantung. The full stone print skirt can be worn frontwards to show the slacks, or backwards to give the effect of a skirt and blouse. Minus this skirt, the one piece ankle length slacks and V neck mandarin collared blouse form a complete outfit for patio wear. Tina Leser ensemble, Mavella jewelry.

Suitable for any palm and blue skies setting are these two resort dresses. Left: blue and white printed cotton which features a low halter neckline and high nipped waist by Carolyn Schnurer. Right: white pique two piece embroidered with gold thread. The dress is strapless and the short jacket flared, by Bestlyne.

On the left a two piece evening dress with a checked skirt and solid halter by Toni Owen. In the center; a flowered strapless chintz with a lined skirt by Pat Premo. Right: a striped cotton featuring a halter top, stole, ruffled skirt and petticoat by McMullen.

Aren't they all fabulous? Which one is your favorite? Come back to visit tomorrow when we'll share more! Enjoy.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Brand New Year - Brand New Bikini Body

Today I thought I would share a book I am reading with you right now called 'Bikini Fit The 4 Week Plan' by Nikoli. There are some copies available on Amazon here. Here is what the forward says:

"So you want to get bikini fit? Well this book will take you there! What does bikini fit mean? It means looking at your body and face and getting them into tiptop condition. Easy to say, harder to do, but this book will guide you through the process step by step - and it needn't take long. When we come to the end of winter, we start to look towards spring, but it can be hard to get going when you haven't been active for so long. During the winter we tend to cover our bodies with layers of clothes and forget about how our flesh and muscles look underneath! So it can be a shock when you realize that you have to take your clothes off in the hot weather! But don't despair - this book is here to kick-start your good spring habits and slough off your winter sloth! Divided into a four week plan, it provides dietary, fitness and beauty advice that will leave you feeling buffed up, full of energy and confidence. So perfect the plan, pick your outfit and dare to bare your best on the beach this season."

So I will be taking cues from parts of the book and beginning to use them such as some of the various exercise plans and skin care plans. But part of the book goes through a pretty extensive Detox Diet which I won't take too literally because I don't think my body would respond to just liquids only and as it is, I eat pretty healthy. Anyone care to join me?