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Friday, January 15, 2010

1949 Beach Wear & Resort Wear

Continuing on with our Winter Sun Resort Wear Fashions from 1949 posts, today we have more bathing beauties on St Croix.

Two beach ensembles, the coats of which, when belted, make town dresses, are photographed at Watch Ho, a private beach at St. Croix. Left: a three piece costume with rust colored cotton coat and shorts and a black jersey halter by Tina Leser. Right: green pique coat and one piece swim suit by Joset Walker. I really love her work!

Vast palatial ruins of old Danish estates are monuments to the wealth that St. Croix obtained from sugar and slave trade. The girl on the steps of the 250 year old 'Hope" estate ruins wears a two piece play suit consisting of lime pedal pushers and a boned striped camisole top by Margaret Newman.

The classic swimsuit goes on and on with only slight variation in detail and fabric. This years styles have detachable straps - on fro swimming , off for sunning. The standing girl wears a satin lastex with a boned draped bra by Shepherd. In the foreground; a two piece pale green satin lastex swimsuit by Jantzen. Beach towel by Catalina.

The French bathing suits is a here-to-stay addition to American beaches. These adaptions make a slight bow to modesty with their adjustable-length shorts. Left: a printed cotton, with a matching skirt (not shown) by Carolyn Schnurer. Center: a polka dot seersucker two piece by Catalina. Right: a terry-cloth suit with beach coat by Tina Leser.

On the palm thatched terrace of Ward M Canaday's remodeled circular sugar mill in St. Croix, this lovely girl suns herself. She is wearing a low cut mauve one piece prospector bathing suit by Francis Sider. The flattering figure control, boned, built in bra is covered with intricately draped jersey.

Desolate Buck Island near St. Croix in the background for these two strapless bathing suits. Both have matching skirts which, when worn, make them perfect patio ensembles for cocktail time. Left: a shirred mauve and gold plaid taffetron suit by Cole of California. Right: a shirred printed cotton and ruffled skirt, also by Cole of California.

We'll conclude this series on Monday. Until then my friends, have a lovely weekend.


elena-lu said...

oh dear this reminds me i should start cutting back on the sweets!

Glamoursurf said...

Aww Elena, I think we are all doing that this time of year!