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Friday, January 22, 2010

So Right Summertime Favorites

So right, clean edged fashions that were coming into vogue in 1949. These are featured in Womans Wear Daily. We share some of our summertime favorites with you. First off as promised, Claire McCardell.

Costume in Jersey: high waistline skirt and long stole over a strapless two piece bathing suit. By one of our favorites Claire McCardell. I really swoon over this and would wear it in a nano second.

Beauty on the beach: strapless bra, full skirt in cotton checks (comes with shirt), by Brigance.

Checks and terry cloth - young short shorts and bra with a boxy beach coat by Carolyn Schnurer.

For the young and slim: a Portuguese shepherd's jacket is made in terry cloth, back buttoned with cork, by Carolyn Schnurer.

Mexican rebozo, in citron yellow cotton, personality touch for simple knitted swimsuit by Brigance.
Flame red cotton damask high midriff dress, Mexican cotton bolero, by Brigance. Shantung accessories by Tina Leser.

One in a wardrobe - Directoire dinner dress of polka-dot silk with a stole, by Adele Simpson.

Exotic mauve pink dress in jacquard shantung for special afternoons, by Adele Simpson.

Aren't the drawings fun? Now I'm off to search for that polka dot Adele Simpson.

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Ms. B @ Millie Deel said...

Gosh, they're all so lovely!!