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Friday, February 5, 2010

Searching for Surfing

We got some exciting news coming soon, but for now let's just say I need to learn a bit more about the beginings of surfing. Does anyone have a good reference site to suggest or perhaps some books I can look at? I'm on the search.


puddin said...

There is a bit about a famous hawaiian surfer, but I don't remember his name--- you probably have it!

Sinus Driplash said...

Duke Kahanamoku! A Hawaiian who bridged the gap between ancient and modern surfing. He was an Olympic swim champ in the early 1900's and is credited for spreading surfing around the world.
For studying the roots of surfing start with Hawaiian culture and see how surfing fit into everyday life. Women played an equal role in the ancient days.
Early missionaries frowned on the "pagan" and "non productive" aspects of surfing. Women and men enjoying activities together while minimally clothed was just WAY too much for them.
It is a testament to the strength of Hawaiian culture that surfing survived. It is a great gift to the world!