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Monday, March 22, 2010

A Day at The Vintage Fashion Expo

Oh what a fun day. Eileen from Daisy Fairbanks and I headed up to San Francisco yesterday for the last day of the Vintage Fashion Expo. The Expo takes place two times a year in San Francisco, once in March and once in September, and three times in Santa Monica during February, April and October.

The show opened on Sunday at 11:00. We managed to score a free parking spot on the street right across the street from the Concourse Exhibition Center, which is no easy feat in itself in San Francisco but I guess it was our day for good car karma.

The show was quite large with 70+ booths displaying vintage fashion of all forms. Oh what eye candy we saw, and the attendees were also fun to watch as they pranced around in vintage finery or were trying on lovely pieces.

I became enamoured with this burlesque costume and it almost came home with me, but alas, I decided to leave it as it was one of the first pieces I saw that I was interested in since I was particularly focused on finding vintage swimwear and accessories. I told myself to restrain and see what else might be available and I'm glad I did.

We stopped by Donnaland who had quite a large booth presence. I ended up purchased three straw beach bags from her as well as two swim caps. I fell in love with this vintage pin up but she wasn't for sale. She was holding open a large jewelry case and one of the workers told me that she has a hole in the top of her head and asked me if I knew what it might be, I had no idea, perhaps a water bottle of some sort. But whatever, she sure was cute!

At another booth I spied this cute home sewn cotton swimsuit and cover up. I almost brought this set home with me but it was very tiny and short waisted so I decided to leave it, but really loved the colors and the print.

And then we rounded a corner and there was one rack of men's clothing where I found this awesome shirt. All of the menswear was top quality and I knew right away that it had to be Brian of Snappygabs, he always has such fabulous menswear. Isn't this the coolest graphic?

Eileen and I went on to the next booth where she fell in love with this vintage Bonnie Cashin mohair coat at Divine Elegance. Eileen had been cold all day and was only sporting a cute beaded sweater but she really struggled with talking herself out of the coat. Once she tried it on and fastened the toggle closures it never came off. Laura, the owner of the store, gave Eileen a deal she just couldn't pass up. She bought it and wore it the rest of the day. Eileen was very good at restraint, she only purchased this and a cool vintage apron all day.

Next spot we saw was ally n scura, a vintage eyewear booth. Wow, Scott had sooo many beautiful pairs of eyeglass frames for the vintage fashionista. Many of them were new old stock vintage pieces. Really a nice display and his booth was busy!

I thought these sunglasses were really fun.

While I was busy at one booth buying a fabulous 50's bikini, Eileen got sucked into Foxy Couture. This booth had it all, McCardell, Chanel, Pucci, Hermes, you name it. She had top quality items and beautiful couture pieces. We spent lots of time in her space just drooling over her incredible inventory.

Pucci and Chanel.

And two large display cases filled with the most wonderful vintage accessories and handbags. Swoon!

But I think our most fun stop of all was visiting Anna Newman Vintage where we met Anna and Maggie of Denise Brain Vintage. All of us are fellow members of the Vintage Fashion Guild so it was especially nice to meet up with these gals who I've met on line but never in person. Denise caught me looking at her from the booth across the way but she didn't realize who I was until I walked up and handed her my business card from Glamoursurf.

Left to right: Anna, me, Eileen, Maggie

After that we sat down for a quick bite and then came home. It was a lovely day spent with my birthday buddy Eileen, surrounding ourselves in high quality vintage, and coming home with some wonderful new stock that will be up on the site very soon.

I'll be going back in September for the next show for sure. If you love vintage, you really should treat your self to a visit as well. Be sure to bring plenty of cash and a reserve of energy.


puddin said...

A blog to be envied-- wish I had the energy to join you!

twilas vintage clothing said...

That burleques costume is amazing!


Anonymous said...

I had so much fun with you, Pam - let's do it again!

denisebrain said...

It was great to meet you Pam, sorry it was such a busy moment!