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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tie Dyeing a Fish Swimsuit

Moving forward with our tie dye techniques for this weeks blog posts, let's get specific with technique.

Mens stretch nylon undershirts make sexy no bra tank suits and are easy to dye. Just add bikini pants and voila! We'll show how the fish pattern is created today using three colors of dye; liquid yellow, aqua and navy blue.

First drip a line of undiluted yellow across the dampened shirt and accordion pleat it.

Add rubber bands to this area to hold the dyed area snugly.

Above the yellow stripe, drip a solution of 1/2 aqua dye + 1/2 water and bind this with rubber bands in one long clump.

Trace one half a fish shape on paper and cut it out for a stencil. Wherever you want a fish, fold the shirt horizontally (keeping the front and back together), place the stencil on the fold and trace the outline with a magic marker.

Now, dip undiluted yellow dye along and inside the outline. Gather the outline in 1/4" accordion pleats enclosing the shape with one continuous gathering up of pleats. The pleated outline is secured with a rubber band. Repeat twice more so there will be fish both fore and aft.

Now, make a dye bath with one package or 1/2 bottle of navy blue dye. After submerging the tank top in cool water, simmer it one hour in the dye bath, stirring occasionally. The last step is a rinse until the water runs clear.

Tomorrow we'll be sharing tie dyeing with a Japanese paper folding technique.


puddin said...

What fun blog!

Lizzy said...

I can't belive these are the instructions to do the shirt you show there! I mean that shirt is cool but I guess is kind of difficult to do it =(

Glamoursurf said...

Those are the instructions verbatim, I haven't tried it but I think it would be fun. More coming tomorrow!