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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tie Dying Part Two

Let's talk about tie dyeing. As promised from our post yesterday we'll share some of the techniques found in a 1971 article in Look magazine.

Consider your location and the tools you will need. The beach is the perfect place to set up 'shop'.

Pots, bottles for squeezing paint, pattern and backing blocks, C-clamps for gripping blocks to fabric, rubber bands, eyedroppers and magic markers.

Apply color to dampened fabric. If using block, clamp the blocks on the dampened fabric and then submerge the entire suit in cool water, then simmered for at least an hour in a dye bath. The hot dye sets the colors under the blocks or rubber bands and dyes the background at the same time. A dye pot of enamel, pyrex or stainless steel should be large enough to hold the complete bundle with just enough room left for stirring.

Soft water works better that hard water for dying. After it's simmer, the suit with the bands and clams still in place, is rinsed until the water runs clear. If you are doing this on the beach just swish your garment in the ocean. The rinsing is repeated without the bands and blocks, and the suit is laid out in the shade to dry.

Tomorrow we'll give instruction on how to make a fish technique in tie dye. Ta-ta.

1 comment:

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

I remember tie-dying my first piece on the patio on Santa Barbara. It was fun!