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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wayne Thiebaud Swimsuits

Girl with Ice Cream Cone, 1963 Oil on canvas

One of my all time favorite artists is Wayne Theibaud. The San Jose Museum of Art is holding a retrospective of this work called "Wayne Thiebaud: 70 Years of painting" and I plan to head down to the museum this weekend to catch the show.

Two Kneeling Figures - 1966, oil on canvas

Theibaud, now 89 years old, has had a very extensive career starting out as a cartoonist and worked as an apprentice at Walt Disney Animation Studios. He began painting and exhibiting his work in the 1940s and started his teaching career at a succession of colleges, most notable U.C. Davis where he is still emeritus part time.

Bikini, 1964 Oil on canvas

His figural swimsuit series of the 60s is a favorite of mine and I can't wait to see these close up. From what I understand his family has recently purchased a condominium in Laguna where he has begun to re-explore the beach series in a more abstract way.

Revue Girl, 1963 Oil on canvas

Eight Lipsticks, 1964 Pastel on paper

Thiebauds work is filled with such richness and texture, the paint is actually somewhat impasto. You might be familiar with is deli cases filled with cakes and pies or his pie or cake pictures alone. The frosting on the images looks so good you could actually eat it.

Yellow Dress, 1974 oil & charcoal on paper mounter to rag board

But for me, it's his fashion pics, beach scenes and figural studies that have me enamored. I'm really excited to go see this body of his work as well as to be able to see his newer pieces. I'll have to report back.


puddin said...

hope you enjoy it! Did you know about him before your vintage swimsuit interest?

Glamoursurf said...

Yes, he's been a favorite artist of mine for some time now. Although I just learned that he teaches at UC Davis!

lucitebox said...

I love Wayne Theibaud, too. I hadn't seen these swimsuit images and they're very nice!