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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Japanese Paper Folding Technique - Origami Tye Dyed Swimsuit

Our final post this week on Tie dyeing. Today we learn to use Japanese paper folding techniques to create this look.

A simple accordion pleat clamped with a wooden block can produce fabulous results in a stretch nylon undershirt. Color remover was used to soften the hues. The material needed here are Rit purple dye, black dye and color remover and two 1 x 2 x 5" wooden blocks.

Fold the damp undershirt first in half, then in pleats.

Place the two wooden blocks diagonally across the pleat and clamp them tightly with the C-clamp.

Sprinkle undiluted purple dye from a squeeze bottle and tie the sprinkled area in small wind up knots placed as closely together as possible, wind more rubber bands around any fabric left in between.

Another squirt of dye from the bottle, then soak the clamped and tied undershirt in warm water for five minutes (or ten in cold), tighten the clamps again. In a pot of hot water, dissolve one package of black dye or use 1/2 bottle of liquid black.

Simmer the shirt for one hour, stirring occasionally. Then rinse without removing the rubber bands or clamp. In a small pot of boiling water, dissolve 1/2 package of color remover. Dip only the knots in the solution until they turn tawny grey, then rinse in warm soapy water. Remove the rubber bands and clamp and rinse the shirt.

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