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Monday, April 26, 2010

Was your mom doing this in the 1960s?

A couple of the things my mom used to do in the 60s was to clip coupons and take us thrifting. I learned some very good lessons from her, how to be frugal and still have a sense of style. How to make a dollar stretch. How to get more life out of an outfit by passing it on to my sisters. Of course that meant I got hand me downs too from my older sister Jody and because mom liked to dress us up in matching outfits, it was sometimes not a new wardrobe at all, just another in a larger size that would fit me. Ah well, she liked us all to look the same I guess.

A popular pastime in the 50s and 60s was to enter contests that companies would hold to come up with jingles or to send in product wrappings to get free items for the cost of postage. I came across a Family Circle magazine this weekend from 1968. This is one of the things I would have loved to find in moms closet, a Schiaparelli fur from a magazine sweepstakes. Can you imagine winning one of these lovely fur coats? Swoon.

And another with Peter Max style graphics was 'The Brillo Pillow", an inflatable vinyl pillow. Everyone needs one of these to dress up the living room couch.

Or how about two pop art potholders, Andy Warhol style, or perhaps some mini markers or soup spoons from Campbell's.

We don't see much of this type of advertising anymore, all I usually see are coupons that expire in about 2 weeks. In the olden days I don't think many coupons has expiration dates.

The magazine is filled with many product offerings for lingerie, feminine products, winning casserole recipes and tips on how to clean the house better.

Also included were snaps of models wearing clothes created from patterns. These 6 looks are all based off of one pattern Simplicity 7799, which you could also order by mail.

Advertising, the media, and magazine layouts and marketing have changed a lot in the past 40 years. It's one of the reasons I love old magazines, the styles, the staging and the contests all seemed so creative. And I can still wish Schiaparelli was still around to offer one her her furs!

1 comment:

Lesley Ann said...

I once saw a woman on ANTIQUES ROADSHOW who brought in a paper Campbell's Soup paper dress that had been purchased out of a magazine. It was in mint condition-I believe they valued it at about$200-$300!
I wish they would do fun stuff like that now. You can't even get a good prize in cereal anymore!