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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

1950s Swimsuits Both cover Up and Show Off

It's here. As mentioned in this post I ordered this June 28, 1954 issue of Life magazine on the promise of 'Sweater Girl Bathing Suits.' I'm so happy I did because just look at these beauties!

Greta Plattry $23.00

Most are made without linings, boned bustlines or other artificial shaping, the sweater girl effect is obtained by using tight-fitting jersey or elasticized wool knit. Their high necklines and very long sleeves will present a tanning problem out of water, but their simple cut and elasticity make them comfortable for swimming.

Sportwhirl $12.95

High neckline and horizontal stripes in one piece style are reminiscent of bathing suits of the Twenties. The halter back can be unbuttoned to make a suit strapless for sunning.

Polly Hornburg, $17.97

Long sleeves contrast with the off shoulder neckline in a striped suit. It's top, cut exactly like a sweater, is made of elasticized wool jersey to stay down offer unseen shorts.

Claire McCardell, $25.00

Attached hood and high back set off bare arms in one-piece wool knit jersey suit, the hood will not replace a bathing cap but it can be folded into a high turtle neck for swimming.

Cabana $25.00

Partly covered top exposes a little bit of neck and arm below the shoulder in one piece unlined elasticized wool suit.

Carolyn Schnurer, $25.00

Fully covered top of rayon jersey attached to sharkskin shorts has boned lining but is cut like a simple T-shirt.

Which is your favorite?

1 comment:

Louise said...

So cool.
And great for swimming when it starts heading into Autumn. I was swimming up until April here in Australia.