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Monday, June 7, 2010

Fabo Swimwear Watercolor Illustration by Paul Shively

This is quickly becoming a favorite image of mine. I picked up this Colliers magazine from 1939 yesterday. The watercolor is by Paul Shively (1897-1987). Shively was a Cleveland artist mostly working in watercolor format.

A full page Jantzen ad is also included. I love this image by George Petty. Left is the 'Zip-In' a sparkling new Jantzen half skirt model tailored in gorgeous 'VelvaLure", $7.95. Skirtless model in "Satin-Knit", $5.95. Right: Tops in design, tailoring fit and fabric is the new Steamliner in Suede-Sheen, luxuriously soft and rich. $4.95.

And finally an ad for Gillette blades featuring aman and woman in swimwear.

This is why I love old magazines. The illustrations and art not only provide one with lovely images, but we get clues into the actual history of fashion. I think I'll look for a frame to put the Shively piece on my wall along with all the other magazine swimwear illustrations I have hanging.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Is she sewing in the pool? I guess a woman's work is never done, eh?

Glamoursurf said...

I was wondering about the sewing stuff too Eileen, curious hum?