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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mad Men - Jantzen - Logo Rebrand

While watching the season premier of Mad Men last night I was excited to see a couple of scenes with the newly formed agency, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, in a pitch with Jantzen. While this is a fictional agency, certainly there is some historical based fact with Jantzen and advertising (J. Walter Thompson worked with Jantzen.) Many of the scenes at the first fictional agency in Mad Men, Sterling Cooper, have Jantzen images hanging on the walls and there is a wonderful swimsuit clad model in the opening credits.

More recently, and based on fact, Plazm was hired when Perry Ellis acquired Jantzen in 2002 to re-brand the Jantzen mark. You can see more of that information here. It's it exciting to see how the Jantzen logo has developed over the years.

I don't think any agency would have thrown Jantzen out on their heels as Don Draper did last night, but this is television. And I can't wait to see more!

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