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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sports-O-Rama Vintage Swimwear Style

I LOVE Sports, and when I can find images of people on the beach in vintage swimwear participating in sports related activities, I just have to share. Interesting that I don't have many images of men and sports in old school swimwear, you'd think that would be the norm and I'm sure it was/is norm, but at GlamourSplash we bring it on with the gals in vintage swimsuits cause I just don't have that many photo's of guys in this subject matter. I think this first image of boxing is my absolute favorite. Come on, 1920's gals with bobs and gumption! What's not to love? Perhaps this was me in my former life?!?

Seriously, this is so posed, I'm not into fighting, but I really do love this image.

Beach Golf circa 1929

Sailing 1935

Girl with a Gun, Donna Drake 1942

Shotgun Sidecar 1920s

Fishing, early 1950s

Gymnastics, 1927

Archery, Joan Blondell

Hula Hoop, Marcia Henderson 1950s

Skin Diving

I challenge you to send me images of men doing sports in vintage swimwear so I can publish them here. I'd love to do a post on the men too! TYVM

1 comment:

BaronessVonVintage said...

these are awesome pictures! Wowee, is Joan Blondell brave in that archery on the roof in high heels scenario!