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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tips to Cleaning Antique Linens and Lace

Before buying antique linens, test the piece by gently tugging on it in several places to determine strength of the lace. If there is any sign of weakness leave it behind unless you feel you can restore it. If it is stained are are some useful methods of cleaning:

Most antique and vintage lace can be washed by hand in soapless detergent and lukewarm water., however, old lace should be handled with loving care and cleaning should be avoided if possible. Never wash it in a washing machine, even on the delicate cycle, as threads may break. It is best to wash lace or vintage clothing with lace embellishments in a bathtub, porcelain or stainless steel sink, or a large glass bowl. A good trick for washing a small item is to lace it in a glass jar half filled with a detergent and water solution and shake gently and then rinse.

Lace that is particularly fragile may need to be reinforced before washing. do this by hand basting it carefully onto a clean piece of white cotton or muslin or nylon net.

When washing lace, do not rub soiled spots. Instead, use a clean sponge to press the water through the soiled areas. If the water is dirty after the first washing, repeat the process. When the lace appears to be clean, rinse in lukewarm water until all traces of detergent have been removed. Then follow with a final rinse of distilled water.

-If the piece is yellowed or if there are stains, soak it in a solution of 3 gallons hot water and 1/2 cup of non-chlorine bleach in a non corrosive tub. Soak until the lace whitens or brightens. Rinse until clear.

-Another option for cleaning soiled or yellowed lace is to let is soak for about 10 minutes in undiluted hydrogen peroxide. Rinse.

-If stains persist, apply a thick paste of baking soda and water to stain and leave until the stain disappears. Rinse.

-For grease stains, mix 1/2 cup baking soda, 1/2 cup mild laundry detergent, 1 cup warm water and 1 teaspoon liquid or oxygen bleach. Apply to stain and leave on until stain disappears. Rinse.

-For vegetable stains, try fresh lemon juice mixed with salt and lay outside in the sunlight for an hour or two. Rinse with warm water.

-For the real washing cycle, mix 1/2 cup of mild soap in a tub of hot water. Carefully swish the lace in the tub, never rubbing, wringing or twisting. Rinse.

-Rinse by running warm water into one side of the tub, never onto the linen, while draining from the other side. Continue until the water runs clear.

-Pour off the water and lay the linen on a large terry towel while pressing out the water until almost dry. Don't roll, wring or twist. Dry flat on a towel away from direct sunlight or heat. If the item is lace, pin the lace very carefully into shape with rustless pins (the pins go through the open spaces in the lace, not the fiber itself) on a board padded with thick white cloth. Keep the lace pinned in pace until completely dry.

-If necessary, ironing of lace should be gentle and from the wrong side of the piece to avoid flattening the design.

Following these simple techniques can give your antique linens a new lease on life. Dress your house and table proudly!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Jantzen - If You Care How You Look in a Swimsuit

This is a wonderful illustrated Jantzen ad from 1959. What is find intriguing is the buttoned shoulders. These were very popular in the 1960s but this ad shows us that they were around in the late 1950s.

Ad text reads " Flowers of Hawaii inspire two exciting, exotic prints for two exciting, exotic swimsuits that do wonderful things for a body. left, 'rose water' elasticized cotton faille $14.95 ($112.00 in today's dollar). Right, 'self portrait'' fabulous Helenca with the Jantzen secret weapon, separate French bra cups that work miracles $25.00 ($187.00 in today's dollar). Jantzen artichoke swimcap in collaborating colors $4.98 ($37.31 in today's dollar).

Friday, August 27, 2010

1950s Cabana Playsuit Fun

Loving this photo from the late 50's, specifically 1959. Such a fun striped playsuit complete with kerchief and sandals. I especially like the styling of the architectural details in the stripes of the background cabana to her suit along with the proportions. Fabulous!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Miss Universe 2009

While we were in Vegas last week we spotted Miss Universe 2009 Stephania Fernandez of Venezuela sporting a swimsuit. Pretty cool indeed.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Glamoursplash Sighting in Selvedge Magazine

Woo Hoo! Our blog Glamoursplash has been recognized in the latest issue of Selvedge magazine. If you click the picture you can see the larger image. Thanks to Lizzie from the VFG for pointing this out to us!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Vintage 1933 Bradely Handbook of Diving

I recently came across a small publication from 1933 titled the 'Bradley handbook of Diving.' This was part of Bradley's campaign to further the interest and ability in Diving. The use of their slogan "Slip into a Bradley and out of doors" is included and was used extensively in their advertising campaigns.

I encourage you to read through this by enlarging the images by clicking on them. If you have an interest at all in diving you just may learn a thing or two from the past. I really enjoy the illustrations included. They just don't make them like this anymore.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Another Fabulous Sleeved Swimsuit - Take a Guess

Ok now, I'm really salivating. I LOVE this swimsuit!!! I don't think I have ever seen anything like it. Sleeved swimsuits are adorable to me just because the are out of the norm and they function perfectly. Can you guess who this one is by and when it was made? And if anyone ever finds one of these, you know who to call!


The main alternative to the constructed dressmaker bathing suit during the 1950s was a stretchy version of maillot, often made in wool. This 1950 bathing costume by TINA LESSER consisted of a two-piece bathing suit with a grey wool bottom and a white calico bra under a torso covering tube and bolero of fire engine red. The bolero was sold separately and the suit was in three pieces. Photograph by Horst.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

White Stag Sportswear & Swimsuit

Fun sportswear from White Stag. White Stags Town flower print goes to the beach in a flurry of pink cotton Surah: the sleeveless shirt, the button-front skirt, and White Stags new matching swimsuit! All from a collection of Town Flower print coordinates by White Stag. Hat by Bill Hawes. Simply sporty! Ad dates to 1959.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

1959 Robby Len Swimwear

This is an ad for Robby Len from 1959. The suit is called Strategic Sprite. Canoe by Abercrombie & Fitch. Knitted two piece effect in Helenca and Lastex. Perky sailor-piping neck and V back. Belted waist. Striped pants with navy or red top. Sizes 32-38. About $15. That's about $112.00 in today dollar. I really like this suit, it would be cute with a skirt over for day time shipping or dining and without for the beach.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tablecloth Check Fashions from the 1950s

Stops says your beach bag, but go go go says the sun, says the sand, says your Chevrolet Impala convertible. Take a picnic lunch and a delicious assortment of red and white checked cotton coordinates. Park in some sunny vacation spot like Florida's Hollywood by the Sea and what you'll attract wont be ants!

A camisoled swimsuit with a snug stretch of shirring. All checks are printed on crease resistant cotton to beach dry smooth and iron even smoother. Bettina Jr beach bag.

Obliviously the adventurous type, eating an apple. Meanwhile she adventures int eh purest fashion field, utter simplicity, her rolled sleeved shirt in stark white Dacron and cotton, her Jamaica shorts belted in their won bright checks. All coordinates by Loomtogs.

The sundress of these check mates, hollowed out at the throat. Observe that dress and swimsuit clear just about the same area for tanning. Slip the suit straps down demurely from time to time and you're ready for strapless evening dresses.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Surf Togs Swimwear 1959

Ship shape swimsuits that draw many a backward glace. Left: Waikiki: Pin dot lastex sheath, tied up by three velvet bows at the bra. Comes in Black, Aqua and Red.
Right: Peppermint stripes. Figure slimming tomboy style brightened by plunging buttoned front tab and contrasting cuffs. Comes in Black Red and Aqua. Which is your favorite?

Friday, August 13, 2010

Cross Country Dressing with Anne Fogarty

Another series from 1959, this time featuring fashions by Anne Fogarty. I'm particularly fond of the swimsuit set with the 'floofy' sleeves.

Designer Anne Fogarty works in New York, weekends on Long Island, loves the sights and excitements of both. Her one wardrobe formula: lots of crushless linens, cool cottons, outfits that breaks and beautifully remake the rules.

Purely, demurely country. Cotton calico swimsuit, peignoirish calicoat with the big new floofy sleeves.

Suburban suit, shorts, lined jacket, silk broadcloth shirt. Towel by Fieldcrest.

Two dress costume, linen and rose'd cotton. The red alone or plus print, is citified. The print, alone and belted, takes the country in stride. All hats Charmer.

This 'little black dress' is red, but clamorously red in linen jacketed (just) with more. All linens crease resistant by Moygashel.

Very probably the paisleyest paisley print in town or out, in cotton with a surplice top, sweeping skirt. All jewelry by Fogarty for Kramer.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vintage Shirred Skirted Swimsuits

Shirred skirted swimsuits for mommy and daughter. Both are from Catalina 1959. So feminine, so flirty and I love how they match. We get these in every once in awhile at Glamoursurf and they always sell fast. I think the combination of a fitted bodice with a little attached skirt is perfect for a day in the sun.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cole of California Goes Exotic

Cole of California 1959

Bangkok comes to life on the beach in an exotic swimsuit collection. Here the living image of the East, the fiery color, the sinuous drape (cut to give you the slim-hipped look of a temple dancer). In orange and red or blue and green, brushstroked on cotton. With Power Profile, shapeliest bra a-float. $16.95. ($127.08 in today's dollar).

Monday, August 9, 2010

Scoops of the Month Continued

Continuing our Scoops of the Month post from Friday, today we look at more Free Wheeling Fashions from 1959.

Small, maneuverable and really as cute as a bug's ear - the Volkswagon and those cool summer boots made of simulated white straw, piped in acid green and heeled in kidskin...clearly by Patinos.

What is summer without an eye for sport? Say a car, for instance - the Dauphine... and say a go coat made of linen-like rayon lined with cotton print inside, buttoned in 'gold' outside. By Milner, topped by a real pith helmet, Lynn Carol. Patinos boots.

Yours by Fiat. The newest circus polka dots splashed on cotton knit. Its a sleeveless pull over widely ribbed in white at boat neck, hem, sleeves and matched by Jamaica shorts. Both by Natric. Fiat 500.

Your own Stanley Steamer hat. A coronet of straw (natural sisal), rounded gently at the crown and tied under the chin with the same silk print that lines the brim. By Dachette. Another Coronet by Dodge.

What a lark! It's you, in a beach towel. Rectangular terry cloth, circled big and bright as headlights. Morgan Jones. Studebaker's a lark too!

Stripes for the Nomad. Brilliantly horizontal on a gold-buttoned cardigan jacket, turned to the vertical on matching mid-calf pants. Majestic makes both in Robaix cotton. The Nomad by Chevrolet.

Safari-minded? Whether your summer jaunts be public or private, a cooling, crease resistant cotton combination is desirable. Here, a brief top eased over a high rise skirt of unpressed pleats. By Gordon Peters. Pontiacs Safari.

I think this whole spread is fabulous. The poses, the cars, the fashions. Oh my!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Freewheeling Fun Fashions - Scoops of the Month

One of three spreads from a 1959 Mademoiselle magazine, titled "Scoops of the Month", how appropriate for me? "Summer is icumen in" and from the looks of things it's sure to be a time of literally kicking up one's heels, a giddy kind of season when clothes should be chosen and worn for the pure fun of it!

Accessories to the fact of your new MG; white leather sandals, Oomphies Cloudhoppers, plastic 'straw' purse with watch (also seen in last picture), by Sheffield; sun hat with isinglass windshield, Charmer shirt, flowered Jamaica shorts, both cotton, Turner Togs.

It's off to the berry patch - in a Thunderbird - for the sweetest crop of strawberries yet harvested, planted on a little-girl party dress of black and white striped cotton, fenced in with black lace that aprons over the gathered skirt and high-necked bodice. Sleeves are fitted. By Tailored Jr. Thunderbird by Ford.

A fury of blue flung is gay print over a white basket-weave background of Orlon and wool - it's a cardigan jacket buttoned up with 'pearls' by Glentex, Plymouth's Sport Fury.

A summer triumph; this sprig of a dress, barely caught at the shoulders, then tucked and tendered to the tiny waist with three button rows - skirted in double box pleats by Betty Barclay of Arnel and Cotton. Triumph TR-3.

What prettier way to spin through summer evenings? A dance dress in white over pastel - tier upon tier of embroidered cotton organdy over taffeta, tapering to a strapless bodice gathered in front for fullness and velvet bowed. By Dansant. Rambler American.

We'll share more of this Scoops feature on Monday. Until then, have a wonderful weekend!