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Friday, August 13, 2010

Cross Country Dressing with Anne Fogarty

Another series from 1959, this time featuring fashions by Anne Fogarty. I'm particularly fond of the swimsuit set with the 'floofy' sleeves.

Designer Anne Fogarty works in New York, weekends on Long Island, loves the sights and excitements of both. Her one wardrobe formula: lots of crushless linens, cool cottons, outfits that breaks and beautifully remake the rules.

Purely, demurely country. Cotton calico swimsuit, peignoirish calicoat with the big new floofy sleeves.

Suburban suit, shorts, lined jacket, silk broadcloth shirt. Towel by Fieldcrest.

Two dress costume, linen and rose'd cotton. The red alone or plus print, is citified. The print, alone and belted, takes the country in stride. All hats Charmer.

This 'little black dress' is red, but clamorously red in linen jacketed (just) with more. All linens crease resistant by Moygashel.

Very probably the paisleyest paisley print in town or out, in cotton with a surplice top, sweeping skirt. All jewelry by Fogarty for Kramer.

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