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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Patio Dresses from 1959

Today we are posting via 1959. One black and white dress this season is a must - more may make you positively memorable! In bold and misty variations, black and white make a wardrobe in which one dress of colory color - pink perhaps - has the shock value of a bird in swift flight, a flower in spectacular bloom. It is frankly, a romantic concept of dressing.

Time for a color-break. Pink and lavender printed cotton halter and skirt, caught with a pure pink cummerbund by Daisy Originals. Both from 1959. Skirt: $10.98. ($82.32 today) Halter: 6.98 ($52.33 today).

Barest of the bare. White pique patio dress, the skirt wrapped in soft pleats, schiffli embroidery drifting toward a scalloped hem. $22.95 ($172.07 today).

Boldest black and white cotton pique by B. S. Kahn $17.95 ($134.58 today).

Black and white checked cotton gingham with a bare slow curve of neckline, a deep band of schiffli embroidery. $17.95 ($134.58 today).

Misty, elusive black and white. Done with pointillist checks and a deep hem of white organdy, appliqued with gingham. By Shane. Bag by Charles S. Kahn Dress: $ 29.95 ($224.55 today) Bag $10.95 ($82.10 today).

Black and white and utterly disarming. The petite-point textured bodice quite bare in back, the skirt swinging from a high start - a dash of brown spicing. By Elinta in cotton. Dress $25.00 ($187.44 today).

Do you have a favorite?


puddin said...

The last one is so lovely---perfect hat to match! ladylike, even with no gloves!

Ingrid Mida said...

I like them all but the last one is particularly striking. They'd all work on the patio today!