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Monday, September 20, 2010

Bikinis in Advertising

Swimsuit clad models are sometimes used in advertisements to sell products.These two ads for liquor are particularly interesting. I enjoy the way the Budweiser ad used the swimsuits to match the towel graphic, and the tan effect of the Tanqueray ad is quite amusing too. I wonder if the ads would make you buy this product?

1983 Budweiser Advertisement

1990 Tanqueray Advertisement


Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

I once sold one of those Budweiser swimsuits. They get a lot of interest on eBay.

Charles Rinehart said...

I still have this ad from an 80's magazine. I laminated it so it wouldn't get ripped, folded, creased, or torn. This is a classic advertising concept for Budweiser that has stood the test of time. Enjoyed your blog. All the best.

Richard Zempel said...

I was the creative director who created the ad. Jon Bruton was the photographer and we shot it at his studio in St. Louis. I don't remember the date, though it was in the mid to late eighties because I was CD on all the contemporary campaign work from '83 to '88 and then producing TV and Radio til '90. I would guess it was 1986-87ish. I still have the test 8x10 polaroid with autographs from the girls. The one on the right was a Playboy Playmate and the other two were from St. Louis. The make-up stylist asked me to help him put tan make-up on the girls because it was in the middle of winter and they were very pale. We hired a lot of playmates, hey, somebody had to. The girls were in white very sheer suits and the Bud label work was done later by Raphael in Houston. It was one of the earliest digital computer rendering jobs I was aware of. My Assoc. CD/Designer came up with a line: "Label Conscious" that appeared on the poster versions. For many years this was the mpost popular, highest selling and most utilized image for Budweiser. It was the first of the bathing suit/label ads and they have revived the idea several times since, as Anheuser-Busch would do whenever their awareness numbers needed a bump.