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Monday, October 18, 2010

The Fine Art Photography of Kim Taylor Reese

This past weekend DH and I went to a nieces birthday party in San Jose's Japantown. Admittedly I haven't visited this part of town in quite some time and since we had arrived a bit early we decided to walk around and explore for a bit. We were pleasantly surprised when we walked into a new shop called Island Sol. We met the owner Jesse, who had just opened the place a mere two weeks ago. Jesse stocks all things Hawaiian but what caught my eye were the pieces he had adorning the walls by artist Kim Taylor Resse. Kims' work focuses on the art and style of Hula Kahiko and his work is absolutely stunning. You can see more of his work and read about him on his website.

A couple of blocks up we walked into the San Jose Tofu Company and purchased two blocks of fresh handmade tofu. YUM! The place was very small but inviting. It reminded me of my days when I used to make paper. There was a big vat in the back corner with a fire under it where I'm sure they were making tofu or cooking the beans. One of the workers was scrubbing clean on of the fine screens with water and a brush. The floor was all tiles but there was water everywhere. Very reasonable, just $2.00 a block and they have been in business since 1948! They must be doing something right!

We also visited a Ukulele shop and a couple of galleries. All in all a very good day. And the best part was at the end, seeing all the youngsters at the birthday party dressed up in their Halloween costumes.

The birthday girl.

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