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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Annette Kellermann Bathing Apparel

Both of these ads are from 1919 and feature Annette Kellermann Bathing Attire.

Her stunning bathing suit of blue wool jersey trimmed in block design of black and yellow an I made in one piece. This style of bathing suit gives it smart and youthful lines to the figure Mrs Roscoe Arbuckle is one of the versatile sportswomen who swim late in the season She continues this aquatic diversion nfi late in December Perhaps it is because the saucy Annette Kellerman bathing outfit is so comfy and becoming that Mrs Roscoe is so insistent on late season bathing.

In their alluring colours daring beauty of fit exquisite workmanship the latest Annette Kellermann suits are more than ever The Smartest Togs on the Beach Developed in superior wool jerseys and shimmering Silcoknit they provide fascinating styles for the beach as well as for practical athletic wear. Three of the Season's many stunning models are here illustrated In creating this famous bathing apparel we are guided by the expert advice of the celebrated Annette Kellermann herself. Every genuine Annette Kellermann suit bears a label showing her name woven in RED. On sale at most good shops. But if you cannot obtain them at your dealer's write us giving his name ASBURY MILLS Makers of Annette Kellermann Bathing Suits and Swimming Tights New York Office 200 Fifth Avenue.

Fabulous, no?


Kori said...

These are amazing. One of my favorite photo topics are vintage bathing beauties. Head on over and check out my Christmas giveaway if you haven't already!


Kori xoxo

fuzzylizzie said...

Does she have a website?

Just kidding, of course, but I'd sure like to order one of these!

fuzzylizzie said...

Does she have a website?

Just kidding, of course, but I'd sure love to order one of these!