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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The First Strapless Bra - Adhesive Bras Employ no Wires or Straps

Photographs from a May 16, 1949 Life article that heralded the invention of a strapless bra that represented the ultimate in minimalist construction, simply two cloth cups. Charles Langs, the inventor, spent four years developing 'Poses' to alleviate the strap shifting problem while tanning. While he originally planned to turn out 200,000 per year, the design did not enjoy much success.

Poses make their first appearance at New York's Jones Beach as sunsuit tops.

Langs, thought up the idea for 'Poses' after watching his wife shift the straps of conventional bathing suits while trying to get an even tan. He asked a chemist friend Dr. Charles Walton, to develop an adhesive which would be removable without leaving a gummy residue. The Langs experimented 4 years before they felt "poses" were ready for the world.

Photographs by Nina Leen.


Lizzy said...

Ahh!! Well, I guess he didn't have succes because it was such little fabric...even now I won't feel so confortable I guess in those days was worst!
well...now some girls are topples .

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

Isn't is fun and serendipitous where life takes you sometimes?

Kathryn Smith said...

This is my great Uncle. He actually made millions because he turned it into a stick-on bra for women. He was an interesting and creative man to say the least :) Thanks for sharing a bit of fun family history!